Holidays in the Canary Islands

Last-minute tours to the Canary Islands are trips to earthly paradise, as many of those who have visited these picturesque places of our planet at least once say. The Canary Islands are an exotic tourist destination that is famous for its wonderful tropical beaches and ripe fruits that can be enjoyed here all year round.

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Advantages and features of a beach holiday in the Canary Islands

If we talk about the climate that prevails in the Canary Islands, then it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer or recommendation, because on different islands of the archipelago the climate can be different at the same time. This is the absolute truth! For example, while you are basking in the clear sun in Fuerteventura, on La Palma at this time people will get wet in the rain. But for those who plan to book tours to the Canary Islands for 2023, two main points should be remembered:

1. On the islands that are in the east, it is always warmer and drier than on the islands of the west.

2. The southern islands are sunny and warm, unlike the islands located in the north.

In winter, the air temperature on the beaches of the Canary Islands is about +19 degrees, and in summer - about +25 degrees.

The beaches of the Canary Islands cover about 1,500 kilometers of the Atlantic coast. They can all be different - both with steep banks, and with a gentle entry into the water, with clean white sand or black volcanic.

In the west of the archipelago, the beaches are more often steep than gently sloping. If we talk about the island of Tenerife, beloved by tourists, then some of its beaches are covered with artificially golden sand, which was brought from the Sahara desert.

The best beaches of the Canary Islands are considered to be Playa Jardin, Playa del Ingles, Playa de Los Cristianos, Corralejo, Playa de Las-Americas. Thus, having gathered in the Canary Islands and their resorts in 2023, we recommend that you pay attention to these beaches.


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Guide to the Canary Islands

How to get there?

You can make a direct flight from Bucharest - they are carried out twice a week.

Travel time - 5 hours.

Tickets cost from 99 euros one way.

Local transfer costs from 15 euros. But if you order a full tour from our agency, then the transfer will be included in the tour price.