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Mallorca is the largest island territory of the Spanish Balearic archipelago. This place is suitable for a colorful holiday - beach walks, rock climbing, diving, surfing, as well as enjoying the local natural landscapes. A warm, calm climate prevails here. Nature strikes with the grandeur of mountain ranges, endless valleys and dense forests. More than 8 million tourists visit the island every year, which brings the main income to the local economy.

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Advantages and features of a beach holiday in Mallorca

The territory of the island of Mallorca includes more than 200 beach areas, the length of which is 550 km. More than 30 of them are marked with the Blue Flag, which indicates the safety and ecological cleanliness of the coast. The coastline of the island is dotted mainly with coniferous trees and oak groves, surrounded by rocky cliffs.

In summer, the air warms up, on average, to + 30 degrees, and in winter the thermometer does not fall below +14 degrees.

An incredible number of resort island towns are ready to receive guests from all over the world. For example, the place Cala d'Or is optimal for a relaxing holiday with children. Here you can hide from the harsh wind and bright sunlight in cozy bays surrounded by fine sandy beaches and dense pine plantations.

The well-developed infrastructure of the Magaluf resort attracts with unique places of entertainment: the water park, the Western Water Park theme park, and the Poniente professional golf club.

For those who come to enjoy the healing Spanish air, it is recommended to visit Santa Ponsa, where the local beach is surrounded by a dense pine cove.


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How to get there?

The flight to Mallorca is carried out from Bucharest.

Travel time - 3 hours 10 minutes.

Ticket price - from 99 euros.

From the airport to Mallorca can be reached by bus. The stop is located at the exit from the arrivals hall. You need to take bus number 1 or number 21. It is important to take into account the schedule of public transport - it all depends on the time of year. So, from May to November, buses run here from 6 am to 1.50 am. From November to the end of April, buses from the airport to Mallorca run from 6 am to 1.10 am.

The interval between buses is 15 minutes. The fare is 1 euro. Tickets can be bought from the bus driver.

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