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The resort of Ksamil is one of the most beautiful places on the entire coast of the Ionian Sea and the unconditional "pearl" of the Albanian Riviera. This is truly a magical place, not inferior in splendor to the most famous locations for a beach holiday. At the same time, it compares favorably with most of them in terms of prices.

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Advantages and features of a beach holiday in Ksamil

Moldovan tourists have so far poorly studied Albania. However, as time goes by, the experience of travel is accumulating, I want variety. On the other hand, there are really many exceptionally beautiful, but poorly promoted places for a beach holiday in the Balkans. Maybe the service here is not as developed as in the most popular destinations. And the country itself sins with contrasts of poverty and luxury. But the fact that the landscapes here are not inferior to the Caribbean and the Bahamas, and even at fairly affordable prices, is recognized by all those who have been here.
Ksamil is one of the most famous Albanian resorts in Moldova. It is located almost on the border with Greece (to the customs 8 km, to the island of Corfu - only 2 km). Although only a few thousand people live here permanently, the infrastructure is well developed; for settlement, you can choose hotels from 2 * to 5 *, campsites or private housing. Hotels mostly offer self catering apartments. There are no hostels.
There is a wide choice of cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. In the summer season, the population of the village increases by 2-3 times due to visitors.
Ksamil - beaches
It is believed that the beaches here are the most picturesque in the region. Therefore, people come here mainly for a beach holiday. The beaches have pebbles or sand, white or yellow.
There is one large Sunset Beach 440 meters long and ten more located in small bays. So for two weeks of rest you can swim in different places, and with the classic 8 days / 7 nights, there will still be unexplored pieces of the coast.
The beaches are free, you have to pay extra for umbrellas and sunbeds.
Ksamil - the sea
The water here is amazing, transparent 30 meters deep. There are four small islands (proudly called the Tetra Islands archipelago), which can be sailed on a rented boat or catamaran. And you can swim - to the nearest island 80 meters. Coniferous trees grow on them and there is even a restaurant.
The air temperature in the season is up to 35 degrees in July, the water temperature is up to 30 °C.
There is literally a tropical variety of fish in the water, so snorkeling is popular here.
The beach season in these places opens in June and ends in September. However, the "Velvet Season" lasts until October. Then during the day it is +25, at night up to +18, the water in the sea is +23C.
Helpful advice
In the season, those who have seen through the charm of this place come here en masse: Germans, Greeks, Albanians themselves. Moreover, from June to September there are really a lot of vacationers in Ksamil, on the beaches you can not find a free place to throw your towel. Therefore, it is advisable to take care of booking accommodation in advance.
How to get there?
By car from Tirana. There are two options: through Gjirokastra; or along the coast along the SH8 highway through Vlora, the Logara Pass and Himara. The second way is much more picturesque.
By bus. There is no direct flight, you need to go to Saranda (5-6 hours, 12 euros) and from there about 20 minutes to Ksamil (1 euro).


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Ksamil, the "pearl" of the Albanian Riviera

How to get there?

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