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Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is a popular tourist area located in the northeastern part of the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula, washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea. She gained wide popularity due to the vast area of resort areas with many hotels, which, regardless of the level of comfort, operate in the all-inclusive mode. Local landscapes amaze with comfortable beaches with pleasant sand cover. Fans of exotic recreation in the south of the region are waiting for yoga centers. Here you can also walk along the ancient ruins of the Mayan port city, spread out on a sandy cliff.

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Benefits and features of a beach holiday in Riviera Maya

The Riviera Maya is a 100-kilometer long Caribbean Sea stretching from Tulum to Cancun. The most visited resorts are the island of Cozumel and Playa del Carmen. This part of the coast began to be developed relatively recently, when there were no free territorial zones left in Cancun. Basically, the Riviera Maya fell in love with tourists from Europe. This place is ideal for families, thanks to calm waters and fine white sand. Diving schools, extensive golf courses and spa treatment centers are also open here.

The average annual temperature does not exceed +28 degrees, and the water temperature is +27 degrees.

Covering the theme of the beaches of the Riviera Maya, it is necessary to mention the city of Playa del Carmen, located 70 km from Cancun. Here, on the territory of the pedestrian coastal zone, life is in full swing around the clock.

Diving enthusiasts are recommended to visit the largest Mexican island of Cozumel, located 20 km from Yucatan. Here is the second largest coral reef with a total length of more than 700 km. Almost the entire island area is occupied by a national park.


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Guide to Riviera Maya

How to get there?

The fastest and most convenient way to the Riviera Maya is a flight to Cancun Airport. Departure can be carried out on regular flights from the nearest airports - Chisinau, Bucharest, Cluj or Iasi.

The average travel time will be from 16 to 18 hours.

Please note that all flights from Moldova and Romania are operated with a transfer. Usually transfers are carried out in international hubs - Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, etc. We would like to give you a useful and important advice: if you are flying along this route, first study the scheme of the transit airport in order to be in time for a transfer.

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How to get from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya hotels?

You can get from Cancun Airport to Riviera Maya hotels by shuttle bus.

From the Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen, only buses belonging to the ADO company run. The first bus leaves for the flight at 08:15, they go until midnight. Buses leave every 20-25 minutes, according to the night schedule - 01:30 and 03:00.

In the opposite direction to the airport, buses run from 05:30 to 22:40 with an interval of 20-25 minutes. Night schedule - 00:30, 03:00, 04:30.

Travel time is about 1 hour 10 minutes, maximum 1 hour 25 minutes. The cost of travel on the day of stοpοny is 222 MXN (11.5 dollars). On certain dates/times, ADO may provide discounted rates on its buses.

You can take a taxi from the airport, which will cost from 50 to 100 dollars.

To save on a taxi, you can order a transfer from our managers (there is a button "Free consultations" under the publication). In addition, the Uber app works in Mexico - it will be much cheaper through the app.

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