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Arinsal is a fairly well-known ski resort in Andorra. Ideal for skiers of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced skiers. Every? whoever comes to Arinsal will find here the ideal track for himself.

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Peculiarities of ski holidays in Arinsal

The Arinsal ski resort is located at an altitude of 1550 to 2560 meters, surrounded by mountain ranges. This elevation difference plays an important role, and is even an advantage, because it allows skiers with different levels of training to spend active holidays in this resort. Both beginners and experienced skiers will find here exactly the route that suits them best.

On the territory of the Arinsal resort there are more than forty pistes of different difficulty levels. There are gentle slopes that are considered the safest and are great for beginner skiers. There are also wider trails, as well as steeper and more dangerous ones.

The skiing season here starts in December and lasts until March. Throughout the season, snow cover is comfortable for skiing, which is facilitated by snow cannons operating at the resort.

There is practically no wind on the slopes of the mountains, as it is delayed by the trees growing here. In addition, these trees create a certain fabulous atmosphere in this place.

The resort has more than thirty lifts, with the help of which vacationers can comfortably move to the tracks they need.


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