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To reach the city center from the new Istanbul airport, passengers can choose buses, the metro, or a more comfortable option - taxi or car rental. Learn more about all the options in our guide. Havaist buses will take you to the main areas in 80-120 minutes, with the ticket price ranging from 114 to 186 Turkish liras (approximately 4 €). The city buses IETT offer a more economical option, but it's only suitable for Istanbulkart holders. Havaist makes only a few stops at key points along the route, while IETT transport stops frequently, so the journey takes longer. The metro is a fast way to travel - to the center in 30-40 minutes, with a ticket price from 15 to 35 liras (approximately 0.5 €), depending on the destination. Renting a mid-class car directly at the airport costs about 40€ per day, and a taxi to the historic Sultanahmet area costs between 25€ and 45€.

The best time to visit Istanbul is during spring (April-May) and autumn (September-October). During these periods, the weather is mild, the temperature is comfortable for sightseeing, and the tourist flows are moderate. In the summer (June-August), the city is hot and crowded, while in the winter (November-March), it is cool and rain is possible.

For those looking for affordable accommodation options in Istanbul, there are several hotels that stand out for their advantages and positive reviews from guests. SANLI SUITE HOTEL 4* attracts attention with the cleanliness in the rooms and public areas, as well as with the delicious and varied breakfast. This apartment hotel with a kitchen in each room and a rooftop terrace with city views offers an excellent price-quality ratio, especially suitable for families. TIMEKS HOTEL 3* is characterized by a cozy atmosphere and home comfort, where you can enjoy delicious food in the restaurant and relax by the pool. The hotel has a small but well-maintained territory, ideal for a quiet rest. TOM SQUARE BOUTIQUE HOTEL 2* – located in the historical center, offers stylish design and modern amenities at a favorable price. It is a good choice for couples and solo travelers wanting to explore the city. All these hotels are noted for their friendly staff and cleanliness, and are also very affordable in terms of accommodation costs.

The choice depends on your preferences, holiday expectations, and budget. HACIBAYRAM HOTEL is the most affordable option, attracting with its cozy atmosphere and convenient location for sightseeing. FOUR-G HOTEL stands out with its modern design and premium amenities and is suitable for those looking for comfort close to cultural sites. WHITE HOUSE HOTEL ISTANBUL is known for its high-class service and central location, providing easy access to the city's historical treasures, making it the preferred choice for families seeking an unparalleled level of convenience and quality of stay.

Couples looking to organize a romantic adventure in Istanbul or simply enjoy a pleasant rest often choose HACIBAYRAM HOTEL for its quiet atmosphere, perfect for secluded and personal moments. Moreover, this hotel serves as an excellent starting point for walking tours through the city's historical areas. FOUR-G HOTEL with its stylish design and exquisite amenities fits couples seeking luxury and relaxation during their stay, while the hotel's spa center and special culinary offers add a unique charm to the romantic getaway. WHITE HOUSE HOTEL ISTANBUL, located in the heart of the city and surrounded by major attractions - is an excellent choice for those wishing to combine romance with immersion in Istanbul's rich history and culture. According to numerous positive reviews, this hotel stands out for its exceptional service and refined atmosphere, which is especially valued by lovers seeking unforgettable experiences.

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