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Marianske Lazne

Marianske Lazne is located in the western part of the Czech Republic, and is considered the second most visited recreation area in the country. The resort gained its fame due to the presence of mineral waters and acidic springs, the beneficial properties of which can help to cope with a number of different ailments.

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What diseases can be cured during your stay at this resort

By visiting this resort, patients can improve their health in the field of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, as well as metabolic disorders.

The therapy starts with a planned control by a specialist, where the patient is offered to take general tests, diagnose and draw up a treatment plan. Doctors recommend providing a fresh one-time extract from the leading doctor. Patients should bring with them all the medications they are currently taking. Those suffering from cardiovascular pathology are strongly advised to supplement their card with a recent electrocardiogram.

An acceptable course of treatment is at least two weeks. This is due to the fact that after 3-4 days the patient adapts to the intake of local mineral waters, which may slightly worsen the appetite and general condition. Be sure to take into account a number of contraindications that can affect the frequency and strength of therapeutic loads.

For children from the age of 6, you can find sanatoriums for the treatment of two types of diseases: the genitourinary system and the upper respiratory tract. Mostly, the emphasis is on preventive procedures. Specialists can prescribe massages, inhalations, mineral water intake and much more, depending on the collected history.


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