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Bologna is a city that fascinates. It impresses with its architecture, a large number of streets and delicious cuisine. Bologna is a destination that must be included in your travel plan for Italy.

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Tips for accommodation in Bologna. How to choose the location of the hotel?

The main part of the hotels in Bologna is concentrated on the forecourt, as well as on Via Independenza. By choosing a hotel near the station, you can conveniently travel around the cities that are nearby. In addition, it is in this area that two large shops and the terminus of buses that travel from the city to the airport and back are located.

If you want to stay closer to the central part of the city, you should choose a hotel in the Via Independenza area. Not far from this street is the most beautiful square in Bologna, Piazza Maggiore. In principle, all the sights of the city are literally within walking distance from Via Independenza.

If you plan to visit exhibitions and conferences in Bologna, we recommend that you choose a hotel near the Bologna Fiere exhibition center.


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How to get there?

Bologna can be reached both from Chisinau and from Iasi.

Travel time - 2 hours 10 minutes.

From Bologna Airport, the city center can be reached by the Marconi Express monorail train in 7 minutes. Transport runs from 5.40 to 00.00 every day. The fare is 8.70 euros. Tickets can be purchased directly at the airport, as well as on the website

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