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Advantages and features of a beach holiday in the resort town of Vlore

Vlora is the third largest city in Albania and one of the largest resorts in the country. Sea port. The administrative center of the province of the same name. It is located almost on the border of the Ionian and Adriatic seas. It is widely known for the fact that it was here that the independence of Albania from the Ottoman Empire was proclaimed.

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Advantages and features of a beach holiday in the resort town of Vlore

The resort city of Vlora is a settlement developed in terms of infrastructure. Its area is 12 km², the population is over 130 thousand people. This is one of the few Albanian cities where you can comfortably and not get bored relax not only for a week, but for two, or even a month.
Recreation and entertainment in Vlore
There are two large beaches in the city itself and many more in its suburbs.
City beaches:
- Old beach. Located near the port of Vlore. It is long and wide, and its best part is considered to be the northern one, where a coniferous forest grows.
The beach is free, it is considered public, although guests of nearby hotels also swim and sunbathe on it. The coast is sandy, the entrance to the sea is gentle. There is the entire beach infrastructure: toilets, changing cabins, showers, cafes, street trade stalls.
- Rhee Beach. About the same, only more rocky.
The best suburban places for a beach holiday are Bora Bora (the beach is paid) and the village of Radima (the beach is free, very cozy, small pebbles).
You can also name such beaches as:
Dhermi - pebbles, around - citrus and olive groves.
Himara is a serious infrastructure, up to diving.
Orikum is just golden sand plus various entertainments.
Palasa is very beautiful, but the main guests here are fishermen and divers. There are no other entertainments.
There are plenty of hotels and other hotel service facilities in the port city, for every taste and budget. As well as catering establishments, nightclubs and other structures that brighten up a beach holiday. In the sea float and invite tourists to join scooters, catamarans, boats.
The list of excursions includes short sea cruises. In the vicinity there are also mountains for rock climbers. For fans of hiking here is a real paradise: wide streets, laid with paving stones; walking paths in coniferous forests, olive groves and wonderful citrus orchards; short embankment.
The season here lasts from May to October, but the best time is in the summer. The air temperature in June-August is 25-30 °C, water - up to 26 °C.
How to get to Vlore
- by bus from Tirana or Durres. In the first case, the duration of the trip is 3 hours, in the second, about two. The prices are 600-400 lek, respectively (about 5 and 4 dollars).
- by car along the highway along the sea and through mountain passes. Very beautiful.


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