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The geography of Mexico extends from the southern borders of the United States to the countries of Central America. This tourist paradise is known for its famous hot beaches along the Pacific coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Travelers can see the greatest variety of natural landscapes here. This is a harsh mountainous area, endless deserts and tropical rainforests. Throughout the country, you can find the ruins of mysterious ancient buildings, where the indigenous tribes of the Maya, the Incas and many others once lived. Here you can also visit the cities of the times of the Spanish colonization.


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Flight of fantasy, with regards to holidays in Mexico, is striking in its diversity. For example, you can walk with a guide through the tropical thicket and, listening to the sounds of the local fauna, stop at one of the temple walls in Palenque, peering into the ancient writings of the Maya Indians. Or enjoy dancing on the azure shores of Acapulco until dawn, while tasting local tequila with tomato juice and chili peppers. And lovers of extreme recreation can conquer the waves of the Caribbean Sea, varying on a surfboard, as well as scuba diving into the underwater kingdom.


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