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Innsbruck is a city in Austria, surrounded on all sides by the Alps, known for its picturesque views and ski resorts. Here you will find a variety of trails, excellent infrastructure and a large number of opportunities for active winter recreation.

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Features of a ski holiday in Innsbruck

The main tourist destination of Innsbruck is skiing. The length of the trails is more than three hundred kilometers. The ski season here starts at the end of December and ends around the beginning of April.

The black pistes in Innsbruck are 30 kilometers long, the blue pistes are 85 kilometers long, and the red pistes are 155 kilometers long. In addition, this resort also has cross-country skiing trails - their length is 28 kilometers, as well as hiking trails.

On the territory of Innsbruck you can also go mountain climbing, there are half pipes and fan parks for those who are fond of snowboarding.


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Innsbruck travel guide

How to get there?

How to get to Innsbruck? It all depends on which airport you arrived at:

From Munich Airport to Innsbruck, the distance is 165 km. We suggest considering the following options on how to get to Innsbruck:

We recommend cheap buses FlixBus Departure from Munich Central Bus Station - ZOB, travel time - 2 hours 10 minutes. The cost is from 5 euros. If you book in advance, you can save.

From Memmingen Airport - on the following route:

Step 1. From the airport we take a bus to the central railway station in Munich. We buy tickets in advance from any of the following carriers: - yellow buses provided by the airport service. Travel time - 1 hour 20 minutes. - flixbus, where there are very cheap tickets - from 3 euros one way.

Step 2. From the central bus station of Munich - ZOB we go to Innsbruck. Travel time will be 2 hours 20 minutes, from the railway station in Munich to Innsbruck.

Ticket prices can vary from 15 to 50 euros. We recommend ordering tickets in advance, as it will be relatively cheaper. A useful link for finding tickets is

From Vienna airport to Innsbruck. Distance - 500 km. You can use a domestic flight, the travel time is 40 minutes, and the ticket price is from 15 to 100 euros.

There is a train station right at the Vienna airport. Travel time by train from Vienna Airport to Innsbruck is 5 hours. Ticket prices vary from 80 to 100 euros. Depends on whether the ticket was booked in advance and which class was chosen. You can book online on the websites of the Austrian railways, for example -

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