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Pas de la Casa

One of the most popular ski resorts in Andorra, which is ideal for families with children. There are a huge number of different types of entertainment for tourists of all ages. Ski slopes for every taste - both for beginners and experienced skiers.

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Features of a ski holiday in Pas de la Casa

Pas de la Casa is the main ski resort of Andorra, it is quite popular among Europeans. The resort consists of two valleys, on the slopes of which there are lifts, snow cannons, experienced instructors and rescuers work here. The modern Funicamp lift also operates here, which has quite spacious cabins for 24 and 32 seats.

There are various trails in the resort of Pas de la Casa - both for beginners and for aces. The most difficult slopes, red ones, are at the very top - there is also a special track for night skiing.

If you are a snowboarder, then you will definitely be interested in a special track, made in the form of a pipe, in which you can make turns and jumps. In the mountains of the Pas de la Casa resort, there is also a specially equipped area for children.

Pas de la Casa has three freestyle parks, a children's slide, and boardercross areas. The resort has six green, thirteen blue, sixteen red and twelve black slopes.


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How to get there?

Departure is from Chisinau or Iasi to Barcelona, from where you will be transferred to Pas de la Casa.

Flight time - 3 hours 25 minutes.

The cost of the flight can drop to 25 euros.

Our travel agency can arrange a transfer for you to the hotel - the cost will be 65 euros per person one way.

You can also get from Barcelona to Andorra by bus. You can board it right at Barcelona airport, from here it leaves for Andorra every two hours. Bus circulation time is from six in the morning to midnight. From Barcelona to Andorra there are buses belonging to three transport companies, each of which has its own schedule. The fare is from 28 to 45 euros.

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