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Mediterranean paradise: the undiscovered beauties of Antipaxos

On the island of Antipaxos, each ray of sunlight paints a picture of unique beauty and harmony.

Antipaxos: General Information

Antipaxos is a small island in Greece, located 3 kilometers south of Paxos. With an area of 4 square kilometers and a permanent population of about 20 people, Antipaxos offers tourists something more than just a journey. This island offers tranquility and closeness to nature in its purest form. Antipaxos is a source of admiration for everyone who visits. Its beaches consistently rank among the top in international ratings, and its captivating bays beckon to capture their beauty in photos or to embody in paintings and take them as a memory. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking landscapes, swimming in clear waters, and, of course, the magnificent vineyards that give this place a special charm. Unlike many other Greek islands, there are no large hotels or restaurants on Antipaxos. Although there are no settlements per se on the island, scattered cozy houses create an atmosphere of secluded comfort. Some of them can be rented to stay in this secluded corner of Greece. On the northeast side of the island is a compact ferry pier, where small ferries from Paxos regularly arrive, connecting these two islands. Boat tours to Antipaxos are organized from May to September. If you want to be on this island when it's not crowded, it's best to choose a period before the peak of the summer season - May or September.

How did the story begin?

Antipaxos, a cozy island embraced by the Ionian Sea, remained in the shadow of its larger neighbor, Paxos, for a long time. Its quiet history is simple and not adorned with significant events, but that's what makes it special. Legends hint at its ancient roots, although specific pages of its past remain unfilled. In modern times, the island attracts with its untouched nature and the ability to transport visitors back in time. Each vineyard, beach, and trail on the island intertwines with tales of the eternal beauty of nature and the simple, enduring life of its rare inhabitants, making Antipaxos a living reflection of a history not read in books but felt with the heart.

Voutumi Beach Zoomed photo of Voutumi Beach
Voutumi Beach

How to get there?

When embarking on a journey from Corfu, note that the warm season will unveil all the charms of a vacation in Greece. In 2024, a week-long holiday in Corfu including flights and transfers will cost from 350€. For a first acquaintance with Antipaxos, a one-day boat excursion for 55€ is ideal.
An alternative route offers a more immersive journey. Spend the night on the neighboring island of Paxos, where you can rent a yacht or a private boat for individual sailing to the shores of Antipaxos.

Alternatively, embark on a boat tour or day cruise from the port of Gaios (the capital of Paxos) for 30€ and above; the trip will take 8-12 hours. Another option is the water taxi, or you can rent a traditional "kaiki" boat for 15-20€ round trip; the journey will only take about 15 minutes. And you can decide for yourself how much time to spend on the island.

What to do in Antipaxos?

Captivating beaches

Head to the top-rated beach in the world - Voutumi, and savor the incredible beauty: pristine pebbles, sand, and azure waters surrounded by lush greenery. It's truly a slice of paradise! By the way, there's a nearby tavern where you can dine and enjoy the sunset over the bay.

Explore Vrika beach, which offers a fantastic opportunity for snorkeling in a small sea cave, suitable for beginners.

Hiking and trekking

Explore a network of narrow paths and tracks leading through fields adorned with colorful poppy flowers and hills surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards, towards the village of Vigla. Then descend to the small harbor of Agrapida and the secluded bays in the south of Antipaxos, where you can immerse yourself in the tranquility and beauty of the coastal landscapes.

Marine Adventures

Try your hand at water sports such as windsurfing or snorkeling to feel the adrenaline and fully enjoy the marine expanses of Antipaxos.

Rent a boat or kayak, exploring secluded bays and clear waters around the island. It's the perfect way to enjoy the sea breeze and sunbathe.

Wine and Delicacies

Taste the unique "black wine" at a local tavern. Note that it's unlikely you'll find this wine elsewhere, possibly except for neighboring Paxos.

Sample the local cuisine, which, although not very different from the cuisines of neighboring islands such as Corfu, offers its own unique atmosphere! Olive oil is a special feature here – it's added to most dishes, and it's incredibly delicious.

Sea Cave Enlarged Photo of Sea Cave
Sea Cave

Reasons to visit Antipaxos


Incredible views of bays, clear waters, and green hills for perfect photos and serene relaxation


The opportunity to enjoy the silence and peace far from city hustle, finding inner tranquility


An exclusive chance to try the rare "black wine" right at its place of production


Explore the unique, untouristic, and unchanged over time face of Antipaxos

Tours to Antipaxos are perfect for those seeking solitude in the embrace of nature, wishing to take a break from the urban bustle, and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This cozy island will be a paradise for lovers, creative individuals in search of inspiration, and true connoisseurs of wine and authentic Greek cuisine. Antipaxos will unveil new horizons of tranquility and peace, offering a unique vacation away from noisy tourist routes.