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Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the ancient port city of Akko and Rosh HaNikra

If you want to get to know Israel better, then the most interesting route of the Bahai Gardens-Akko-Rosh HaNikra is at your service. By ordering this tour, you can discover a lot about the historical heritage of Israel. The tour will allow you to see many sights and, of course, get a lot of impressions.

The tour starts, and the first thing you will visit is the Persian Gardens in Haifa. There are 19 terraces here, the descent from which consists of 1400 steps. There is a tradition that every Baha'i must make a pilgrimage to the shrine and, of course, go through all these steps.

Bahai Gardens are located on the cascades, and first you will visit the lower part, where the main fountain is located. Then you will go to the central part of the attraction, where you will visit the cactus garden. It must be said that the Bahai Gardens are unique in that a huge number of various plants grow here, which were brought here from different parts of the world.

The main Bahai Temple is the next site you can visit as part of the tour. It is also called the tomb of the Bab, and it is one of the main symbols of the city of Haifa. After visiting the chapel, the path of tourists will lie on the observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the city.

Haifa is followed by a visit to the ancient city of Akko, where monuments from the reign of the Turks have survived to this day. This city had many names, it is known for being conquered by Alexander the Great, as well as the crusaders, but Napoleon could not. Currently, Akko is a small and cozy city on the seashore, along the streets of which it is always pleasant to stroll.

The last point of the tour will be the northernmost point of the country, which is located on the border with Lebanon - this place is called Rosh HaNikra, and it is one of the most picturesque in Israel. There are a lot of caves and labyrinths here, where you can go down by funicular. You will find yourself in a labyrinth that goes to the sea. A walk through the grotto will leave an indelible impression!

You can order a tour to the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, the ancient port city of Akko and Rosh HaNikra on our website, and our managers will tell you about all the details. The cost of the tour is $75 per person.

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