Last minute tours to Corfu from Bucharest

Total from 225 € per person!

If you are an adventurer in life, you cannot live without adventures and are ready to embark on them unexpectedly and at any time, then last-minute trips from Bucharest to Corfu are for you. On the website of our travel agency, proposals for holidays in Corfu from Romania are regularly published, and among them you can see last-minute offers.

Holidays to Corfu from Bucharest - simply and quickly, for very little money. Indeed, it is very easy to get to the island of Corfu from Bucharest, the main thing is to have time to get a last-minute ticket to Corfu. Therefore, we recommend that you visit our website more often and stay tuned for updates!

Tour includes:

Accommodation services:
Standard Room
Food type
Nr. nights 7
Check in 14.09.2023
Check out 21.09.2023
Other services:
Transport services:
Departure there 14.09.2023
Departure back 21.09.2023
Transfer group

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