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Dead Sea: a place where you can relax your body and soul

A trip to the Dead Sea is a great opportunity to be alone with yourself, relax your body and soul. The beach with the name "Premier" is ideal for this - it is fully equipped and has everything you need for a quality holiday. Here you can relax, enjoy the picturesque view of the setting sun, try delicious cocktails.

On the beach "Premier" there are cabins with clean running water, swimming pools, each vacationer is provided with clean towels.

After swimming in the warm water of the Dead Sea, which, by the way, is about +20 to +25 degrees, you can take a walk along the coast. It will be pleasant to rustle under your feet clean golden sand as you move towards the numerous establishments operating here, and where you will be met by smiling and friendly employees. Here you can have a delicious meal, as well as buy a nice souvenir.

On the coast of the Dead Sea, there are also a large number of shops and boutiques where you can make pleasant and inexpensive purchases, which also cannot but please the tourist. Be sure to visit one of the local restaurants, where you will be deliciously fed with local dishes - these are meat masterpieces and delicious desserts.

After walking along the Dead Sea beach, you can return to the hotel, or you can stay overnight on the shore - for this you can rent one of the luxurious bungalows available here. They are furnished and equipped with everything you need to spend a pleasant night. Their windows overlook the sea, there is a mini-bar with various drinks, a shower, a TV and, of course, a comfortable bed.

Departure from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is carried out on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. The cost is $55 per person. You can find out the details of buying a tour to the Dead Sea from our managers.