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Doge's Palace: the main attraction of Venice

Arriving in Venice on vacation, you should not deny yourself walking around the city and, importantly, participating in various interesting excursions, with the help of which you can get to know the history of this wonderful Italian city even better.

Today we invite you to visit the Doge's Palace, which is the main attraction of Venice. It is also called Palazzo Ducale. This architectural monument of Venice is designed in the Gothic style, the author is Filippo Calendario. The palace was built over 115 years, it was the residence of the Doge - the so-called ruler of the Venetian Republic, who was elected for life. It should be noted that the Doge Institute existed for about 1000 years, but in 1797 it was abolished.

Members of the Grand Council, the maritime department, the secret police and other statesmen also met in the building of the Doge's Palace.

Currently, the Doge's Palace is a museum where you can see halls and secret rooms, a prison and much more interesting. You can come here both independently and as part of an excursion group.

If you decide to visit the Doge's Palace on your own, then you should know that you can get to it by vaporetto. You can board it at Piazzale Roma or Santa Lucia Station.

The Doge's Palace is open to the public every day from 9.00 to 18.00. The entrance ticket costs about 25 euros, and by purchasing it you can enter the Correr Museum, the National Archaeological Museum and the halls of the National Library of Marchiana.

It should be noted that the standard tour does not include visits to secret rooms and secret routes, so you should pay attention to special tours that need to be booked in advance.

Walking through the Doge's Palace, you can climb the Staircase of the Giants, visit the Great Council Hall, the Hall of Fate, the Armorial Hall, the Scarlatti Hall, the Grimani Hall, walk along the Golden Staircase, find yourself in the Hall of the Four Doors and many other rooms, including the prison and the Armory.

Well-known historical figures served their sentences in the Doge's Palace prison - such as Giordano Bruno, for example, the favorite of Casanova's women, who, by the way, later fled from here.

In the Doge's Palace you can see a rich collection of works by famous, great artists from around the world.

You can book an excursion to the Doge's Palace on our website, which costs from 43 euros per person. All details can be obtained from our managers.