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Early Booking in Halkidiki

Total from 269 € per person!

Why do a large number of tourists make early booking tours to Halkidiki? It's simple: it allows them to choose in advance, in a relaxed atmosphere, the most suitable hotel and conditions that suit them completely.

One of the advantages of early booking Halkidiki for 2023 is the fact that the ticket can be purchased in installments. In addition, by making an early booking-2023 and planning a vacation in Halkidiki, you can get a fairly large discount on the purchase of a tour.

If you dream of visiting Halkidiki and early booking for 2023 really interested you, then do not delay your call to our managers!

Tour includes:

Accommodation services:
Food type BO
Nr. nights 7
Check in 22.06.2023
Check out 29.06.2023
Other services:
Transport services:
Departure there 21.06.2023
Departure back 29.06.2023
Transfer group

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