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Educational tour to Caesarea, Bahai Gardens and Akko

A visit to Caesarea, the Bahai Gardens and the port city of Akko is one of the most intense and interesting routes. This is a one-day tour that will allow you to get to know Israel and its historical sights even better.

The tour starts with a trip to the Caesarea National Reserve. It is a port city founded by King Herod the Great. Once Caesarea was the main city of Judea, the residences of the procurators of Rome were located here. You will see with your own eyes the streets with columns that have survived to this day, the hippodrome, the temples of the pagans.

In Caesarea, the ancient theater is well preserved, in which performances and concerts are held in the evenings. After visiting the theater, you will go with an excursion group to the central part of the city, where you will see the port of Herod and the fortress of the Crusaders.

The next stop will be the city of Haifa, namely, its Bahai Gardens. Remarkably, there is not a single bench in these gardens, and all for the reason that these gardens were built not for walking and relaxing, but in the name of religion. While in the territory of the Bahai Gardens, you will explore the main fountain, the cactus garden, visit the tomb of the Bab. After that, you will rise to the observation deck, which offers a magnificent view of Haifa and its sights, as well as the surroundings and the bay.

In the afternoon of the excursion you will walk around the ancient port city of Akko. This settlement is known for being conquered by Alexander the Great, and the Templars, Crusaders and Teutons lived in it. Muslim rulers built protective fences and towers here, which subsequently fortified the city and did not allow anyone else to capture it.

The streets of Akko city are paved with stone, and while walking along them, you will see mosques, Turkish baths, monasteries and other historical sites.

The price of participation in the tour is 75 dollars. Details about ordering a tour to Haifa can be obtained from our managers.