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Endless spectacles of the Old City in Sharm El Sheikh

The old city, located in the south-west of Sharm el-Sheikh, near the bay of Sharm el-Maya, is a centuries-old area, but it was opened for tourist visits only recently. The Egyptian resort is represented by an incredible number of restaurants and souvenir shops. Here you can visit a huge oriental bazaar, on the shelves of which unique goods from local craftsmen are displayed.

Detailed and fascinating excursions are constantly held here, covering all the sights of this residential area.

The old city is a place of endless series of spectacles. Often here you can watch the hypnotic whirling of dervishes performing the national dance Tanura. All performances are free for anyone.

One of the highlights of this resort corner is artificially erected waterfalls. Their design is truly unique, which attracts guests of the city to various kinds of photo shoots. To the very top of the structure, you can climb the flights of stairs, which are hidden behind wide waterfalls. On this hill, there are restaurants and cafes that act as observation decks, from where an incredible view of the city skyline opens up. The optimal visit to the complex is at night. At night, waterfalls begin to function here, the building is well lit, trade is gaining momentum. And the air temperature becomes the most favorable.

In the heart of the Old City is the Al-Sahaba Mosque, the construction of which was completed in 2016. The unique design of the whimsical towers fascinates with its specificity. Its minarets stretch up more than 80 meters. The architecture of the temple is often compared with the design solutions of Antoni Gaudí. Those who have often visited Barcelona will certainly feel this parallel.

The mosque is open for free visits. Also, tourists can capture the internal beauty of the building on digital media. This religious object has a mandatory regulation for women - wearing a headdress and clothing covering the arms and legs. If tourists do not have such things with them, then they can be rented in a special room at the entrance to the temple.

It is worth mentioning the largest market of Sharma, the borders of which are spread over several blocks. Potential buyers find themselves in a real labyrinth of shopping streets filled with shops, souvenir shops and quirky sellers who invite you to get acquainted with their unique goods. There is a long-standing feature on the market - the ability to bargain with sellers. Because this approach allows you to significantly reduce the cost for a particular purchase. Even if the guests of the city do not pursue the goal of acquiring something, it will not be superfluous to walk along the endless rows of stalls and shops to enjoy the atmosphere of this unusual place.