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Excursion to Bethlehem and Ein Karem - places directly related to biblical events

Many travelers dream of visiting places like Jerusalem and Bethlehem at least once in their lives. Today you have such an opportunity, and you can do it by taking part in the excursion that we offer.

In Bethlehem, you can visit the Church of the Nativity, which was built right above the cave. Pilgrims from all over the world often come here. In these places, traces of the rule of the Turkish tribes, as well as Constantine the Great, still remain. Entering the Temple, pay attention to such shrines as the miraculous Icon of the Joyful Mother of God, the 14-pointed Star of Bethlehem, the Manger in which Jesus lay, and the Altar of the Magi.

During the tour in Bethlehem, you can also visit the Franciscan Church of St. Catherine.

Next you will find Ein Karem, which is an important place where John the Baptist was born. In addition, it is known that it was in this place that the meeting of the Virgin Mary with the righteous Elizabeth took place. As part of the tour, you will be able to visit the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, see the alley dedicated to those who led the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Jerusalem.

In the cave of Ein Karem is the temple of John the Baptist, which you can visit. It is also worth looking into the cathedral, located in the Mountain Monastery.

This tour will allow you to personally meet and visit the sacred places that are mentioned in the Bible. In addition, you can enjoy the natural beauty of these places.

The cost of the tour to Bethlehem and Ein Karem is $60 per person.

To learn more about this excursion, you can always contact our managers.