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Excursion to Montserrat: revealing the secrets of the main shrine of the Catalans

If you are on holiday in Lloret del Mar, then you should not miss the great opportunity to visit Barcelona and see its unique sights. Today we will tell you about one of them - this is Mount Montserrat, which is a holy place for the Catalans.

There is also an ancient monastery here, and its main shrine is the Black Madonna - a statue of a woman holding a baby in her arms. By the way, the locals call this statue “la morenata”, which means “dark-skinned girl” in Russian.

According to the legends that circulate here, the Black Madonna grants wishes. They also say that the statue was made by St. Luke himself, and in 890, when it was lost, shepherds found it in a cave - they said that they were led there by the sounds of songs and a mysterious glow.

The statue itself is quite small in height - 95 centimeters. Women who cannot conceive a child often come to her - according to legend, the Black Madonna is able to fulfill this desire.

The heart of Montserrat is the monastery church. It contains the image of the Black Virgin, worship services are held here. This church is considered one of the best examples of modernism.

It will be very interesting to visit the monastery museum. Here you can see various archaeological finds, jewelry, ancient sculptures and paintings by El Greco and Caravaggio. The entrance fee to the museum for adults is 12 euros, and for children under 14 the entrance is free.

Excursion to Montserrat can be with an English-speaking guide - directly from Barcelona, round trip. The cost of this tour is about 70 euros per person. The duration of the tour is 5 hours. The meeting point is in the very center of Barcelona.

An excursion with a Russian-speaking guide is also possible - its cost is about 105 euros per person, its duration is also 5 hours. The tour starts in Plaza de España.

It is recommended to bring comfortable shoes, a windbreaker and a hat for the tour.

Of course, you can go to Montserrat on your own from Lloret del Mar. To get from there to Barcelona, where, as we said above, the attraction is located, you need to take the SARFA bus, which runs every day from 6.00 to 19.00. Travel time is about an hour. The bus leaves from Lloret del Mar bus station and arrives at Barcelona North Bus Station. The bus fare is 10.95 euros. In the opposite direction, buses run from 8.45 to 21.15. The ticket price is the same.

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