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Excursion to Mount Etna - the highest active volcano in Europe

This excursion will definitely be remembered for a lifetime. Imagine that you are not just on some dormant volcano, but on a real and alive, active and active one! What adrenaline! And you stand on its top and calmly sip delicious and fragrant coffee, realizing that under your feet, somewhere down there, under the thickness of the earth and stones, real fiery lava is raging ...

Yes, such an excursion is possible and quite real. As part of this ascent to Mount Etna, you will not only enjoy the views from it, but also learn a lot of interesting things about this volcano - for example, real stories and legends that go around it, scientifically established facts about its impact on the environment and people, who live nearby. For your convenience, all this information will be presented in Russian.

Today Mount Etna is under the protection of UNESCO, it is the most active and iconic volcano on the planet.

As part of the tour, you will be able to climb to a height of 2000 meters - you can do this either by car or by funicular, which, by the way, will take you even higher - to a height of 3000 meters. Naturally, this journey will take place with stops, because Mount Etna is not just a mountain with lava inside, but a whole world - interesting, with its own characteristics and attractions. On the slopes of Etna you will see forests and vineyards, small towns and farmland. What is especially interesting is that each slope of the volcano has its own, original appearance, and here you can find almost all existing climatic zones, starting with the subtropics.

True, as part of an excursion to Mount Etna, you can walk among the extinct craters, holding a cup of coffee in your hand, while simultaneously studying the centuries-old landmark of these places.

The cost of the tour per person is 50 euros. If this is a group of two or more people, then the cost will be 40 euros per participant.

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