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Excursion to Naples and Pompeii: walk through the ghost town and scenic views of the volcano and the bay

An exciting excursion to the ancient city of Pompeii awaits you, as well as to Naples, a city located in southern Italy.

The tour starts from the Hotel Galles Viale Castro Pretorio, 66 (the Termini railway station area).

It should be noted that this tour is a bus and walking tour, and it lasts all day.

The cost of the tour is 85 euros (this amount does not include the cost of entrance tickets).

The tour begins with a visit to the ancient ghost town of Pompeii, which was buried under the lava of Mount Vesuvius. Now everyone can visit this city. Here your foot will set foot on the ancient streets paved with large cobblestones, you will see with your own eyes the houses in which Roman patricians once lived, taverns with amphorae, a forum from which you can admire the amazing view of Vesuvius. In addition, you will be shown a brothel, the walls of which are decorated with paintings that have survived to this day.

Next, you will have an excursion to Naples, a southern Italian city, where you can, if you wish, enjoy excellent cuisine, visit the port, as well as admire magnificent views of the bay and the same majestic volcano.

The panoramic part of this tour includes a bus ride past Castel dell'Ovo, admiring the fountain del Carciofo, a visit to the area called Posilipo, where you can see the unique Gulf of Naples and stroll through the maritime quarters of the southern city.

At the end of the tour, you will be taken by bus to the Hotel Galles Viale Castro Pretorio, 66 (the area of the Termini railway station), from where your fascinating and informative journey began.