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Excursion to the bend of the Danube: Visegrad, Esztergom and Szentendre

You are in Budapest. All or at least the most important sights have already been explored by you, and you are about to get bored. But it was not there! You are offered a fascinating excursion to the bend of the Danube River to see the cities that adorn it - Visegrad, Esztergom and Szentendre. Agree!

This tour will allow you to admire the beauties of Hungary, better study the architecture and, in general, the history of this country.

While traveling along the Danube, you will make stops in the cities that we mentioned at the very beginning.

The first stop will be in Esztergom, where you will have a great opportunity to visit the Basilica of St. Adalbert, which stands on a high hill. This is the first cathedral in Hungary, and you can not only learn the history of its appearance, but also visit inside, see its interiors and learn a lot of interesting things about the altar, people who are buried in the crypt, etc.

Visegrad will acquaint you better with the history of the Hungarian kings, as well as with the legends about them. In the XIII century, it was in this place that the Visegrad fortress was erected by local rulers. You can walk here, admire the magnificent views, learn about how this fortress was besieged, how the Habsburgs destroyed it, explore the ruins of the citadel. In addition, you will attend a jousting tournament that will take you back to the Middle Ages.

Then you will find yourself in Szentendre, where writers, artists and other artists once lived. You will walk along the cobbled streets with stories about when and under what circumstances the city was formed, about the crafts that are popular here, about the connection between Szentendre and the Balkan peoples. In addition, you will visit the marzipan museum and you will have a great opportunity to taste the equally wonderful Hungarian wine. After you are waiting for the shops of city craftsmen, where you can look for an interesting souvenir for yourself.

An excursion with a Russian-speaking guide costs 100 euros per person. If with an English-speaking guide, then it is somewhat cheaper - 65 euros per person.

You will learn about the place from where the journey to the bend of the Danube begins when booking the excursion.