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Excursion to the sacred places of Jerusalem

Jerusalem is the place where all believers aspire to go. But even those who doubt the existence of higher powers still want to visit this sacred place, one of the oldest cities on the planet.

We invite you to take part in a tour of Jerusalem, during which you can see all the main historical monuments of this city, touching which you can feel the divine.

The tour begins with a visit to the observation deck located on the Mount of Olives. From here you can enjoy a picturesque view that will not leave you indifferent. Your eyes will see the Old City, the dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, as well as most of the New Jerusalem.

After the observation platform, you will find yourself in Gethsemane - a place that everyone knows. Here you can visit the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus Christ prayed on the last night before he was taken into custody. The Church of all Nations is also located here, in the altar of which the stone is kept, where Jesus performed the aforementioned prayer. Here you need to remain silent, but it is allowed to photograph the shrine.

Across the street from the Church of All Nations is the Christian Church of the Assumption of the Virgin. Going down the old stairs, you will find yourself at the tomb of the Virgin Mary. This church is located in a cave, and everything here is illuminated by lamps, which are installed both along the stairs and in the underground hall itself.

During the tour, you will also climb the Temple Mount, famous for the fact that here Jesus Christ dispersed merchants and money changers. Here you will see the mosques Dome on the Rock and al-Aqsa. In the latter, by the way, was once the headquarters of the Order of the Crusaders. After that, you will find yourself at the Wailing Wall, where you can leave a note with a wish. Then you will go to Mount Zion, where you will see the tomb of King David. After that, you will have a final tour of the Jewish quarter and the main street of the Old City of Jerusalem.

The cost of this tour is $55 per person. You can find out the details and book an excursion to Jerusalem with the help of our managers.