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Between Heaven and Earth: unexplored trails of Meteora

Where rocks meet the clouds, Meteora begins.

Meteora: Overview

Meteora is a unique place located in northern Greece, near the town of Kalambaka. It consists of a complex of rocks, atop each of which are monasteries. The name "Meteora" translates as "above" or "suspended", which reflects its characteristic - the monasteries seem to hang in the air. UNESCO has included Meteora in the list of World Cultural Heritage sites, and every year more than two million tourists come here. Both local residents and the Greek government regard Meteora as a "sacred and inviolable" place. The rocks of Meteora are especially beautiful at sunset when the sun's rays softly illuminate the gigantic stone pillars - an unforgettable spectacle that will remain in your memory for a long time.

How did the history begin?

The emergence of the monastic tradition in Meteora dates back to the XIV century when pioneer monks settled here, laying the foundation for future monasteries. Over time, the monastic community expanded, and by the XVI century, there were already 24 monasteries here. However, today only six of them continue to operate. Among them is the Great Meteor or "Meteor Megala" - the largest and oldest Orthodox monastery among those in Meteora. But each of the six monasteries serves not only as a testament to historical heritage but also as living custodians of monastic culture and spirituality, where traditions are passed down for centuries to the next generations.

Rafting on the Pinios River Enlarged photo of Rafting on the Pinios River
Rafting on the Pinios River

How to get there?

For those traveling in the warmer months, the optimal choice is to depart from the beach resorts of Halkidiki. The cost of a week's stay by the sea in 2024 starts from 250€, plus the cost of a trip to Meteora from 80€.
In the colder months, it's recommended to fly to Athens, stay in the city, and dedicate one of the days to a trip to Meteora. The excursion, including bus travel, guide services, and lunch along the way, will cost from 130€.

What to do in Meteora?

Exploring the Monasteries

Explore all six active monasteries: Great Meteoron, Varlaam, Rousanou, St. Stephen's, St. Nicholas and the Holy Trinity Monastery.

Learn about the history of the monasteries, enjoy panoramic views, and experience the unique atmosphere of each monastery.

Hiking and Bike Routes

Travel the paths between the monasteries, leading from Kalabaka to the Holy Trinity Monastery and from the village of Kastraki to the Agio Pnevma rock.

Take a bike tour to the Presentation Monastery through the beautiful oak grove.

See the multi-arched bridge from the 16th century in Sarakina and visit the ancient Theopetra cave with its gigantic underground hall.

Rock Climbing and Summiting

 Climb the Great Holy (or Agio, as locals call it) peak - the trail to it rises 430 meters above the town of Kalabaka and goes through narrow crevices and passes between the rocks. 

Rafting on the Piniós River

Undertake an 8 km rafting journey on the river with a 2-3 level of difficulty during the spring-fall period, perfect for family groups and groups of friends.

Swim in the river, if the season allows, and have a picnic on its bank.

Gastro and Wine Tour

Stroll around the town of Kalabaka tasting homemade pies and monks' honey.

Visit local wineries, participate in tastings, and buy your favorite wine to take home.

Megala Meteoron Monastery Zoomed-in photo of Megala Meteoron Monastery
Monastery of Megala Meteora

Reasons to visit Meteora


architectural masterpieces of monastic culture and the history of this place.


tranquility and inspiration within the ancient walls of the monasteries.


rock climbing or conquering cliff peaks on a bicycle.


panoramic views will create the perfect backdrop for your photos.

A trip to Meteora is a must for those who seek more than just a tourist journey. Here you can dive into real spiritual depth and feel a connection with Greece's unforgettable history.