Holidays in Turkey all inclusive 2023 - departure from Chisinau

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Why are all-inclusive trips to Turkey from Chisinau so popular among tourists? Let's find out!

As you, of course, noticed, in offers like “vacation in Turkey 2023 from Chisinau on the All Inclusive” or “All Inclusive” system, the last phrase is the key phrase. The thing is that the concept of food "All Inclusive" is one of the most popular in the resorts of Turkey. If we turn to the reviews of the tourists themselves, then, in their opinion, Turkish hotels can boast of the best All Inclusive system.

In order to better understand what the All Inclusive system is and, in principle, why a huge number of people choose to rest in Turkey from Moldova according to this system, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the nutritional features of this concept.

The standard "All Inclusive" is a food system that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also, during the day, the vacationer has access to drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, coffee and tea. Between main meals, light snacks are served - snacks, pizza, fruit and Turkish pastries.

Food is served in the form of a buffet - each hotel guest collects as much food as he wants. The standard range of the hotel restaurant includes meat, poultry, fish, side dishes, vegetables, fruits and desserts. It should be noted that in Turkish hotel restaurants you will not find pork on the table, because the country is Muslim. Also, when ordering an All-Inclusive holiday in Turkey from Chisinau, you need to take into account the fact that oriental spices and hot spices are often used in dishes served in Turkish hotel restaurants, so we recommend trying new dishes first.

Finally, speaking about the All Inclusive system, it should be noted that there are several more of its variations:

• Ultra All Inclusive (Ultra All Inclusive)

• All Inclusive Light (All Inclusive Light)

• A-la Card All Inclusive (A-la Card All Inclusive)

If you have already decided for yourself that you want to go on vacation to Turkey from Chisinau in 2023, then you can already safely contact our managers who will help you make an early booking of the All Inclusive tour.

Tour includes:

Accommodation services:
Food type AI
Nr. nights 7
Check in 15.04.2023
Check out 22.04.2023
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Departure there 15.04.2023
Departure back 22.04.2023
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