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First line hotels: features, advantages and disadvantages

Often tourists have to hear about such a thing as "first line hotels". Many, if they understand what it is, often do not know what are the main advantages and disadvantages of such hotels. Now we will cover this topic in more detail.

So, hotels of the 1st line are hotels that do not have any buildings and structures in front of them relative to the beach. Hotels of this type can be located 1 kilometer from the sea - for example, in Egypt. You can get to the sea from the hotel for free - for this, a special delivery is carried out.

It is important to understand that good hotels on the first line can eventually become second-line hotels. This happens when a new hotel is built in front of the hotel.

And yet, you need to take into account the fact that the vast majority of first-line hotels are located close to the sea, within walking distance.

Advantages of first line hotels

One of the advantages that characterize the best hotels on the first line is the sea view from the windows of the rooms. By the way, such hotels are also divided into two categories - with a direct sea view (SV - Sea View) and with a side sea view (SSV - Sea Side View). Hotels with direct sea views are more expensive, but throughout your vacation you can enjoy the beautiful view from your room window.

Very often, inexpensive hotels on the first line have their own private beach, on the territory of which there is a bar, changing rooms and sun loungers with umbrellas.

Disadvantages of first line hotels

First-line hotels are most often booked in advance and, accordingly, rooms in them are quickly sold out. That is why it is recommended to book such hotels in advance.

During the season, hotels of this type are overloaded and, accordingly, the service suffers as a result - queues line up in the restaurant, you need to borrow sun loungers in advance, etc.

Plus, first line hotels are always more expensive than second and third line hotels.

Thus, sometimes it is necessary to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of hotels located on the first line. Our managers will always help you with this!

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