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How to get from Chisinau to Iasi Airport?

Iasi Airport has long been the second most important airport for the residents of the Republic of Moldova after Chisinau. Many direct flights depart from here, inaccessible to the capital of Moldova. There are also a number of low cost airlines, which either do not exist in our country, or they do not distribute some particularly interesting offers to the capital of the Republic of Moldova.
How to get from Chisinau to Iasi Airport
Transport companies, Moldovan and Romanian, decide how to get from Chisinau to Iasi in different ways.
The easiest way (without fear of breakdowns on the road or queues at the border) is by train. But he, of course, does not reach the airport in Iasi.
The train departs from the Chisinau railway station. There are two flights a day.
No. 1. Departure at 6:33. Arrival at 11:13
No. 2. Departure at 9:36. Arrival at 14:27
Tickets cost depending on the class of the carriage: 90, 100 or 130 lei.
The train arrives at the Iasi-Sokola station, from there there are buses to the center of Iasi and to the airport (20-30 minutes). Cost - 3 Romanian lei (slightly more than 12 Moldovan lei). They accept both Moldovan lei and payment by bank cards.
By bus. There are many flights every day, including night ones. Most go from the South Station of Chisinau directly to the airport. The ticket price to Iasi Airport from Chisinau is 300-350 lei.
Runs on the route Chisinau-Iasi Airport minibus, and not one. Prices - 350-400 lei. Children 0 - 6 years: 150-175 MDL.
In principle, you can drive to the Iasi airport and take a taxi from Chisinau. In this case, the price will be much higher (depending on the driver's appetites).
Return trip. How to get from Iasi Airport to Chisinau? Naturally, in the same ways.
Booking at the Agency:
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