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Lagomandra Beach: the treasure of the Aegean coast

Under the sun, where the heart finds its paradise.

Lagomandra: Overview

Lagomandra Beach is one of the gems of the Halkidiki peninsula in Greece, attracting tourists from all over the world with its scenic nature, clean beaches, and rich infrastructure. This beach is located on the western coast of the Sithonia peninsula and is a true paradise for sun, sea, and relaxation enthusiasts. The total length of the beach is about 500 meters. Lagomandra Beach impresses with its natural beauty. The sandy shore is immersed in the greenery of Mediterranean vegetation, creating a unique contrast. Rocks and pines frame this beach, adding a particular scenic beauty. The water here is incredibly transparent with bright shades of blue, making Lagomandra the perfect place for swimming and water sports.

Infrastructure and Advantages

Lagomandra Beach boasts developed infrastructure that meets all the needs of tourists. Here you will find sunbeds and umbrellas for a comfortable rest on the sand, as well as shower cabins and toilets for the convenience of visitors. Moreover, there are numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars on the beach where you can enjoy delicious food and refreshing drinks.

Lagomandra Beach Enlarged photo of Lagomandra Beach
Lagomandra Beach

How to get there?

In the summer of 2024, tourists from Chisinau have the opportunity to head to Lagomandra beach by bus. The package includes 7 nights in the luxurious 4-star Lagomandra Beach hotel, breakfasts, dinners, and insurance. All this will cost from 630€.
For travelers from Europe, the optimal route would be flying through Thessaloniki. Upon arrival at the airport, you can count on the Admiral.Travel team: we will meet you and arrange a comfortable private transfer to the hotel. Staying for 7 days at the beachfront hotel Lagomandra Beach 4 will cost from 465€.

What to do at Lagomandra Beach?


Rest under the pine trees, find a cozy spot under the wooden umbrellas, and relax to the sound of the waves, possibly bringing along a refreshing cocktail of your choice.

Dive into a good book, as it will help relax not only your body but also your mind. And every time you return to this book at home, you'll remember the atmosphere of Lagomandra.

Sunbathe and enjoy the sun, which is especially gentle here. Just don't forget your tanning oil!

Active Recreation

Explore the underwater world, because it takes very little: a mask and fins are enough to admire the seabed. And from there, it's not far to professional diving!

Take part in water sports, such as windsurfing or kayaking, because an adrenaline rush is always good.

Play beach volleyball with friends or make new acquaintances, which will definitely diversify your vacation.

Beachfront Hotel – Lagomandra Hotel Enlarged photo of Beachfront Hotel – Lagomandra Hotel
Beachfront Hotel – Lagomandra Hotel 4*

Reasons to Relax on Lagomandra Beach


each shot on this beach is a piece of your emotions and memories.


swimming in the warm sea and beach relaxation without worries.


total relaxation to the sound of waves.


Windsurfing, kayaking, and water sports.

Lagomandra Beach offers ideal conditions for family holidays, romantic trips, and active adventures. Its beauty and diverse infrastructure make it a popular destination for tourists wanting to enjoy Greek hospitality and nature. Being one of the most attractive beaches in Halkidiki, Lagomandra lives up to its reputation as a unique seaside retreat.