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Live flamenco show in Madrid

Flamenco is the national Spanish dance, known throughout the world for its beauty, liveliness, expression and drama. Perhaps only in Spain you can see the real flamenco, because this is the birthplace of this vibrant dance! And we are coming to you with a special offer that includes visiting a live, passionate flamenco show in Madrid.

By ordering this tour from us, you will be taken to a unique show that will be shown in a hall reminiscent of the towers of the Granada Alhambra. Watching the flamenco show, you can enjoy a delicious dinner, which you will be offered to order right on the spot.

The flamenco show will take place in the heart of the Spanish capital, in the tablao Torres Bermejas. In addition to the dance show, you can admire the interior of the tablao, which began its work here in 1960 - appreciate the carved ceilings, walls with Arabic motifs.

You will be enchanted by the amazing choreography of Cuadro Flamenco, guitarists and singers, drummers and dancers. You will merge with all this celebration of art, and in addition to all this pleasure, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner consisting of Spanish cuisine.

This tour will cost you only 35 euros per person.

To book an excursion to a flamenco show in Madrid, please contact our managers.

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