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If you spend your holidays in Corfu, then it would be a sin not to visit Paleokastritsa. "What is this?" - you ask. And our answer will be this: this is a very interesting place that you definitely need to visit. And right now we will tell you in more detail why the excursion to Paleokastritsa is a very interesting and exciting event.

Paleokastritsa is a small village on the island of Corfu, which has recently enjoyed incredible popularity among travelers. Vacationers especially like local beaches, which are distinguished by indescribable beauty. If you are in search of a calm and, importantly, devoid of pathos, a place to relax, then know that Paleokastritsa is just such a place.

If we turn to the history and legends associated with Paleokastritsa, then Odysseus was nailed to this cape after he was shipwrecked. Therefore, it can be assumed that it was here that the kingdom of the feacs was located, which was ruled by Nausicaa. At first, this place was called Paleopoli, but later it was renamed Paleokastritsa ("old castle").

Currently, about five hundred people live in the village, but during the holiday season, the number of tourists here far exceeds the number of local residents.

The coast of Paleokastritsa consists of six bays, they are separated from each other by capes covered with forests. Vineyards and olive groves grow here, the hills are covered with pine forests, and next to them are beaches with golden sand.

Remarkably, there is never bad weather in Paleokastritsa, the sun shines here throughout the year.

The main thing Paleokastritsa offers tourists is a beach holiday, but it will also be interesting for you to visit local attractions, which, although not so many here, definitely deserve the attention of travelers. For example, we recommend that you visit the Monastery of Our Lady of Paleokastritsa, also known as Teotoku. The miraculous icon "Life-Giving Spring" is kept in the monastery. There are legends that this icon turned enemy ships into stones - you can see them if you go up to the observation deck at the monastery and look towards the sea. There is a shady garden where you can take a pleasant walk, watch the peacocks and look into the shop where you can buy wine and olive oil. There is also a museum at the monastery, where Byzantine icons, a mammoth skeleton and other exhibits are exhibited.

Not far from Paleokastritsa is the fortress of Angelokastro - it was built in the XIII century, today it is only ruins, but now it is being restored. Tourists can visit the fortress from May to October.

Don't lose sight of the rock called Kolovri - it is located in the sea, and according to the legends, it was once the ship of Odysseus, but Poseidon turned it into stone.

Finally, be sure to visit the Oceanarium, where you can take a trip on a glass bottom boat. During such a walk, you can observe the inhabitants of the sea directly from the ship.

You can buy a tour to Corfu with a subsequent visit to Paleokastritsa with us, and our managers will always advise you and answer all your questions.

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