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Parliament building in Budapest

What to see while in Budapest? There are many places like this, believe me! And one of them is, of course, the building of the Hungarian Parliament. This is not just a state institution in which the elected representatives of the people sit. This is the visiting card of the capital of Hungary, one of the most visited and popular tourist attractions in the country.

The building was built over a long 19 years, from 1885 to 1904. The architect was Imre Steindl, who won the design competition and was a great connoisseur of the Neo-Gothic style. By the way, he never lived to see the day when his brainchild was discovered. Unfortunately.

The building of the Hungarian Parliament is made in the neo-Gothic style, but also contains elements of such a direction as the bazaar. Those. Those who are well versed in architecture believe that the building resembles in its appearance the Palace of Westminster, located, as you know, in the capital of Great Britain.

Surprisingly, with the development of technology and building possibilities, the Parliament building remains to this day the largest building in the entire territory of Hungary. Its facade is very interesting, on which sculptures of both the rulers of Hungary and Transylvania flaunt. The central dome of the building rises to 96 meters. Once upon a time there was a red star on the spire - about the same as on the Kremlin in Moscow.

We recommend that you take a walk around the building and carefully inspect it from the outside. Then, if possible, go inside. They enter the Hungarian Parliament through the so-called "Lion's Gate". The interiors of the building are decorated in a medieval style with mosaic panels, stained-glass windows and in some places even gilding.

Inside there is a museum of the Parliament - various exhibits are stored here, and the most valuable of them is the crown of St. Stephen. In addition to the crown, there is also a scepter, orb and sword of the first Hungarian king. This crown was used at the coronation of all Hungarian kings, and throughout its existence it has been on the heads of 55 kings. The last of these was Charles IV, and since 1946 the coronation ceremony in Hungary was no longer held.

An interesting fact regarding the construction of the Hungarian Parliament building: 40 million bricks were spent on its construction, as well as 40 kilograms of pure gold.

Excursions are regularly organized to the Parliament building in Budapest. To be more precise, they are held every day from 8 am to 6 pm, respectively. And only on weekends - until 16.00. Tickets for participation in the tour can be purchased at the box office or online. There are also guided tours that are conducted in Russian.