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Peles Castle

In Romania, not far from the city of Sinaia, there is Peles Castle. It is next to the Carpathians, where in the Middle Ages there was a route connecting Transylvania and Wallachia. Peles Castle began to be built in 1873, and it was completed in 1914. Karol I and his wife Elisabeth were engaged in this process.

Peles Castle got its name from the river of the same name, which flows nearby in the mountains. It is noteworthy that Peles is the first castle in the world in which electricity was supplied and in which an elevator began to work. A little later, even a cinema opened in the castle.

Currently, Peles Castle is a national museum, which is often visited by tourists, excursions are conducted here, in which you can also take part by purchasing a tour to Romania.

Peles Castle was built in the neo-Renaissance style, and everything inside the castle fascinates and makes you admire. There are a lot of wood elements that are decorated with carvings, handmade tapestries, frescoes and a painted ceiling. The latter, by the way, is the work of Gustav Klimt.

In the barracks of the palace today there is a restaurant, there is a hotel. Some of the buildings have been converted into tourist villas.

Peles Castle is a place where many famous and important personalities have visited, including Franz Joseph I, Richard Nixon, Muammar Gaddafi, Yasser Arafat and others. You can even catch a glimpse of Peles Castle while watching a movie called The Brothers Bloom, as well as the Netflix series A Prince for Christmas.

There are 160 rooms in the castle, but tourists are allowed to visit only 35 of them. Walking around the castle, you will see and admire the vestibule with ceilings up to twelve meters high, visit the hall of European weapons, where crossbows, spears, cannons, etc. are displayed. You can also visit the hall of oriental weapons, the study and library of the king, the meeting room, and the music room.

You cannot visit Peles Castle on your own, only as part of excursion groups of twenty people. Around the Peles Castle there is also a park where you can take a fascinating and pleasant walk.

Peles Castle is open to tourists at any time of the year, but depending on the period, days of the week, holidays, etc. his work schedule may vary. The ticket price is about 30 lei for adults, 15 lei for pensioners and 7.5 lei for schoolchildren. To take photos or videos during a tour of the castle, you need to obtain a special permit - you can buy it on the spot.