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Picturesque Oriental flavor within the walls of Art Cafe Farsha

Mince Cafe is located in the Hadaba area, spread out on the Ras Um Sid reef. This institution is considered one of the most picturesque tourist sites in Sharm el-Sheikh. The unique location of the institution opens up incredible panoramic views for all visitors, because the bar was built on the slope of a sloping cliff. From the ancient local dialect, the expression "minced meat" is translated as a window or doorway. The design of the art cafe conveys the depth of the style of ancient Egypt. Smoking a hookah while breathing in the fresh sea air is just one of the features of this unusual place.

The building is designed in such a way that visitors can take shelter from strong gusts of wind at a height. Many couples come here to admire the sunset, "drowning" in the waters of the Red Sea. The owners of the establishment paid attention to atypical interior items. For example, instead of traditional seats, visitors are offered to sit on soft trestle beds with large pillows. Here you can always hear overflows of traditional lounge - music that sets a unique tone for the atmosphere of the institution.

The café's menu focuses on a wide variety of drinks. This is a wide range of exceptional alcohol, freshly squeezed fresh juices, a huge range of tea varieties, including Bedouin and traditional Arabic varieties. Visitors can enjoy fruit cuts, hot pies from traditional local cuisine, as well as order cheese platter and hearty pizza.

Minced meat attracts a large number of couples in love. A stunning view of the sunset has a cozy atmosphere and an unforgettable experience. Sometimes there are so many people who want to enjoy the sunset that there is not enough space in the cafe, and the staff of the establishment may offer to unite several companies at one table. But if this option is unacceptable, you can go down and walk along a small beach. Here you can rent sun loungers with umbrellas and plunge into the warm sea waters of Temple Reef.

Thousands of tourists, having visited the Farsha cafe, come back here again to taste delicious teas and smoke a juicy hookah. A bewitching palette of warm colors illuminating the establishment, clean sea air, high-class service, unique interior solutions, a unique menu, stunning views from the top of a sloping cliff are the criteria that made this magical place fall in love with many lovers of Oriental flavor.