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Rialto Bridge: the most visited and beautiful bridge in Venice

Venice is often called the "city of bridges", and this is absolutely justified, because about 400 bridges have been built on its territory, which are thrown over 150 canals available here. These bridges are necessary so that people can move from one islet to another, and there are more than a hundred of them in Venice. And the bridges of this wonderful Italian city have their own names. Now we will tell you about the most important bridge in Venice - it is called Rialto, and you should definitely see and walk along it at least once.

The Rialto Bridge is thrown over a canal called the Grand Canal, and its task is to connect two urban areas called San Polo and San Marco.

Walking along the Rialto Bridge, you will have the opportunity to admire the pretty houses that are located around. There are several bridges across the Grand Canal, but it is Rialto that is the most popular and visited by tourists.

Until now, historians cannot give an exact answer when the Rialto Bridge was built - before its construction, local residents crossed the canal in wooden boats, but it was an unreliable and sometimes very dangerous method of moving, because the boats were unstable and fires often occurred, resulting in people dying.

All these tragic incidents made the inhabitants of Venice seriously think about a safe way to cross the Grand Canal, and then it was decided to build a bridge. At first it was made of wood, which also backfired when it was partially burned. A century later, it was destroyed again - they say that this happened due to the mass gathering of people on it, who came to look at the wife of the Marquis of Ferrara.

The bridge was repaired and restored for a long time, until in 1591 it became stone. Today it can be seen in its original form - it rises on 12,000 piles, it is 48 meters long and 22 meters wide. Ships pass under the bridge, which you can also admire during your walk along the Rialto.

Once near the Rialto Bridge, ships stopped, which arrived, including from distant countries. Goods were unloaded here - mainly silk and spices. Currently, there are no commercial events on the bridge, but you can still often see large crowds here, most of which are tourists. This is where you get probably the best photos in all of Venice!

You can also book a tour to Venice and visit the Rialto Bridge - do not miss such a great opportunity!

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