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Royal safari - quad bikes, buggies, camels and dinner with dancing in a Bedouin village

So many interesting and unusual things in one tour! A trip to the desert sands awaits you, where you will ride ATVs and buggies, and, of course, camels, after which you will have a delicious lunch in a Bedouin village and see a vibrant dance show.

On ATVs in the desert, you will drive as much as 50 kilometers, after which you will transfer to a buggy to compare what, after all, is more convenient to ride on the sands. In the Bedouin village, another type of transport will be waiting for you, which is very popular in these places - a real, live camel. Although it moves more slowly, it has its own charm and uniqueness!

After skiing right in the Bedouin village, you will have the opportunity to have a snack and drink tea, and hot tea, because in the evening, as you know, it gets cooler in the desert.

At nightfall, a large fire will be lit, against which the locals will dance for you.

The tour is accompanied by a Russian-speaking team member, groups of up to 10 people can participate in it.

The cost of the tour includes quad biking, buggy and camel riding, food in a Bedouin village, a show by the fire.

Children can also take part in the tour.

The duration of the tour is 6.5 hours. The cost is 30 euros per person.