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Sea turtles in coral paradise Abu Dabab

A unique place for lovers of observing the life of marine life, diving and endless reliefs of sandy beaches - Abu Dabab Bay! A tourist group of 50 people is accompanied by experienced guides. During the 12-hour excursion, guests of the east coast will have a unique opportunity to walk along the soft expanses of the coastal zone and admire colorful corals.

What awaits tourists on vacation in Abu Dabab Bay? This is a stunning resort surrounded by the beauty of Marsa Alam Nature Reserve. Diving enthusiasts will be accompanied by experienced instructors who will help guests of the region enjoy the peculiarities of the water world. An exceptional attraction is the opportunity to get acquainted with gentle sea turtles, which slowly surf the water expanses. Sometimes you can even meet sea cows here. After such an exciting journey, tourists will be offered a delicious lunch with a wide variety of traditional treats.

Coral reefs rise from the bottom of the Red Sea, starting from the coastline itself. This gives a special flavor to the underwater world of the area. You can capture, for memory, yourself with curious turtles that easily swim up to divers and allow you to touch them. After diving, you can rent sunbeds and soak up the rays of the eastern sun.

Throughout the tour, the services of an English-speaking guide will be available. The total price includes transfers in both directions, as well as equipment for snorkeling. This type of swimming is relevant for those who avoid deep diving and prefer surface underwater travel with a snorkel. The organizers set an entertaining tone for the trip, so the time spent within the framework of this event promises to be not boring. You can take children on the road, which means a fun family vacation that will be remembered for a long time.

The tour starts from the door of the hotel where the tourists are staying. The exact start time of the departure is determined after booking the departure.

Towards adventure, everyone will be delivered on a comfortable bus, which has a built-in air conditioning system, a toilet and folding seats. Along the way, the guide will also talk about the sights encountered.

The price of the tour is 80 euros per person.

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