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Benefits for Everyone! Side - Beaches and Comfortable Family Vacation

Best tour to Side: special offer just for you and your family!
From 376 € per person!

Vacation in Side, Turkey – history, relaxation, comfort, sea, and fairy-tale landscapes. We guarantee you a perfect, exclusive, and well-deserved rest in Side.

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Side – the perfect spot for family vacations

Whether you're a lover of history, gastronomy, sports, or simply relaxation and tranquility, Side has it all! Side – is a city in Turkey, located on the southern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, just 75 km from Antalya. It's renowned for its beautiful and golden beaches, clear wavy seas, and Greco-Roman ruins. Side has a bus stop located near the landmark – the Nymphaeum fountain, from where you can reach Manavgat and other resort towns like Sörgün, Kızılağaç, Çolaklı, and Titreyengöl. On the return journey, buses stop at numerous hotels. The cost of one bus ticket is 3 Turkish lira or 1.5 euros. So, why choose Side?

Historical and archaeological relics - a unique opportunity for both children and adults to dive into the past and explore history;

Gastronomic variety – delight your whole family with dishes from contemporary Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Turkish, or Mediterranean restaurants, which are world-famous here;

Waterparks – children's delight, kingdoms filled with slides and fun: Aquapark Dedeman, Nashira Aquapark, Water Planet Aquapark!

Safety – Side is considered a safe place for tourists, which is an important aspect for family vacations.

Beaches of Side

Side offers a wide variety of beaches for all vacationers!

Side Beach

— The main public beach on the coast;

— Sandy beach with golden fine sand;

— Guarded area with sunbeds and towels provided by the hotel or for an additional fee at an affordable price;

— Presence of lifeguards;

— Kids' waterparks;

— Sporting events, such as parasailing, kayaking, boat rides.

Sörgün Beach

— Sandy beach;

— Guarded area with sunbeds and towels provided by the hotel or for an additional fee at an affordable price;

— Presence of lifeguards;

— Pine forest landscape;

— Special programs for children's entertainment;

— Activities such as tennis or volleyball competitions, yoga, boat rides.

Evrenseki Beach

— Sandy beach;

— Guarded area with sunbeds and towels provided by the hotel or for an additional fee at an affordable price;

— 24/24 security presence along the beach and lifeguards;

— Play area, mini clubs, and art workshops for kids;

— Activities such as soccer and basketball competitions, Jet Sky, banana and tube boat rides, water aerobics, and dolphin watching.

Seasonality in Side

The southern coast of Turkey is open year-round so that every tourist, whether they are a lover of the sea and beautiful tan, a history enthusiast, or someone curious about unique locations, can visit this resort at any time.

The official season starts in April and lasts until October. If you like places hidden from prying eyes, moderate temperatures, and lush, green fauna, we recommend choosing your vacation in April, September, or October. During this time, temperatures in Side are around 20-25 degrees Celsius, the beaches aren't crowded, and the sea is warm enough for swimming. If you are a more outgoing person who enjoys crowds, the sun, and other tourist attractions, we suggest taking a vacation in May, June, July, or August when temperatures in Side reach 30-35 degrees, the beaches are packed, and there's a plethora of entertainment with the excitement at its peak!

Choosing the perfect hotel in Side for a family vacation

We have a range of attractive hotels suitable for a vacation in Side that your family won't soon forget! In addition to the incredible amenities they offer, we provide transportation from the airport to the hotel and back, all for your comfort and well-being.

Three-star hotels – comfort at an affordable price

Side Yeşilöz Hotel 3*

— Ideal location for a wonderful vacation!

— 950m from Kümköy Beach and 3km from Seyrgün Beach;

— Direct access to a private beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— Outdoor pool with slides, animators, playground, and children's game room;

— Evening entertainment, live music, themed dinners, cycling, kayaking, horseback riding, diving, windsurfing, darts, and pool for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Cats Garden Hotel 3*

— The perfect blend of comfort, entertainment, and quality time!

— 700m from Kümköy Beach;

— Direct access to a private beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— Outdoor pool with slides, children's pool, game room, children's water park;

— Evening entertainment, themed dinners, horseback riding, diving, darts, table tennis, billiards, and fishing for adults;

— Spa and wellness center, massage, Turkish bath, hammam, sauna;

— Wi-fi.

Lavitas Hotel 3*

— Here you can enjoy a pleasant and well-deserved rest!

— 300 m from the beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— Outdoor pool, children's playground;

— Billiards, darts for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Four-star hotels – superb quality

Oz Side Hotel 4*

— 700 m from Kümky beach, 2 km from Sörgün beach;

— Direct access to the beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— Outdoor pool, children's pool, water park, children's playground;

— Spa and wellness center, massage, Turkish bath, hammam, fitness room, billiards for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Dream Family Club 4*

— 950 m from Kümky beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— Outdoor pool, pool, kids' club and playground, water park, animators;

— Spa and wellness center, billiards, darts, table tennis, evening shows for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Royal Atlantis Beach Hotel 4*

— 200 m from Çolaklı beach and 2.4 km from Side beach;

— Umbrellas and sun loungers;

— 2 outdoor pools, water park, evening shows, animators, kids' club, and playground;

— Spa and wellness center, jacuzzi, massage, gym, darts, billiards, bowling, library, for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Five-star hotels – luxury and style

Amara Family resort 5*

— Located 350 m from the Titreyengöl beach and 600 m from the Sörgün beach;

— Private beach area;

— 4 pools, including a children's pool, water park, garden, playground, children's animation;

— Spa and wellness center, gym, nightclub with a DJ, table tennis and lawn tennis for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Royal Alhambra Palace 5*

— Located 350 m from the Çolaklı beach and 650 m from the Side beach;

— 2 pools, water park, animators, evening events, kids' club, and playground;

— Spa and wellness center, gym, bowling, darts, and billiards for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Kirman Sidemarin Beach & Spa 5*

— Located 200 m from the Kümky beach;

— 3 outdoor pools, water park, kids' club, and playground, live music and shows;

— Spa and wellness center, gym, evening entertainment, bowling, kayaking, darts, table tennis and lawn tennis for adults;

— Wi-fi.

Great vacation from Chișinău to Side

Admiral Travel – is dedication, attention, and comfort. We are among the top leaders in the travel industry, therefore, we want all the desires of our clients to come true. We offer unique tour offers and the opportunity to travel to Side, Turkey, both from the Chișinău airport and from Iași or Bucharest. Depending on your preferences, we organize a safe and enjoyable trip.

Promotions and Discounts for Family Vacations in Side, Turkey

Undoubtedly, for our loyal customers, we have pleasant surprises and the best offers! By booking on our website, you get a 20% discount! Additionally, we offer a cost-effective transfer to and from the hotel, cheap air tickets, and medical insurance. Follow our social networks to be the first to know about the most beneficial promotions.

Book a Tour in Side Easily and Simply

Thanks to our reputation, we have numerous favorable contracts with hotels that will satisfy the wishes of each of our clients. Our partners provide us with advantages and incredible prices, and we, in turn, create and carefully select the most attractive tourist packages for you.

Booking tours, flight reservations, and beach vacations – we assist with all of this, and with us, you'll forget about all the problems and worries related to vacation planning. All you need to do is pack your bags and get ready for new experiences! We guarantee competitive prices, support on all issues from our team, and attention to all your wishes.

Advantages of our Admiral.Travel

Our agency has 12 years of experience and tens of thousands of satisfied clients. We always aim not only to verify already tried and popular routes, be it in Turkey, GreeceBulgaria or Egypt, but also explore new options for your trips every season.

Our travel agents thoroughly check and research hotels before we decide whether they are worthy of our clients. With us, every wish is fulfilled, and there is an answer to every question. We will do everything to make your dream vacation come true!

Don't hesitate! Call right now and organize the perfect trip to Side for you and your family! It's time to spend a dream vacation with us! Book the most beautiful tour in Side, Turkey!

Ivan Garbuz
CEO, expert, and leader of the travel blog