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Tours on about. Santorini from Iasi is a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful places in all of Greece. It is believed that you need to come here at least once in your life to see the fabulous snow-white walls of houses and the blue domes of local churches, beaches with multi-colored sand, which, in fact, are the attraction of these places.

Holidays and tours in Santorini is an opportunity to be on the islands that were formed as a result of a volcanic eruption more than three thousand years ago. Thanks to this circumstance, amazingly beautiful beaches with multi-colored sand - black, white, golden, red - appeared in these places. Each beach on the island of Santorini is unique, there are fifteen of them in total.

Those who buy tours from Iasi to Santorini rush to visit local attractions, including more than 350 churches, the Archaeological Museum, the ruins of the city, which was buried under the ashes during a volcanic eruption. One of the most popular is the excursion to the volcanic islands of Palea Kameni and Nea Kameni.

When buying tours to Santorini in 2023, please note that departure from Iasi is possible in this direction.

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Standard Triple Room (FullBed and TwinBed)
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Nr. nights 7
Check in 16.09.2023
Check out 23.09.2023
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Departure there 16.09.2023
Departure back 23.09.2023
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