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Visit to Galilee and Nazareth

Every Christian dreams of visiting the Holy Land - this is a fact, because this will allow him to see with his own eyes and even touch the shrines that are associated with biblical events. Our tour is designed just to ensure that you can do this.

First you will visit Galilee, which is a northern province and is located in the Holy Land. This place is very picturesque due to the mountains, forests and valleys located here. In addition, the eye of the traveler is pleased with the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. In the Galilee, you can get acquainted with local attractions, as well as the way of life of Jews and Arabs. Very interesting local flora and fauna, cultural sites.

The first stop will be made in Nazareth, where you will be able to explore the Great Annunciation Church, the House of the Holy Family, the place where the Immaculate Conception was carried out, the place of the Annunciation and the ruins of ancient Nazareth.

The mountains of Galilee are not only picturesque natural attractions, but also places where important events described in the Bible took place. Among them, for example, the Transfiguration of the Lord, which happened on Mount Tabor, and which became the occasion for one of the most important Orthodox holidays.

Finally, the culmination of this tour will be the city of Capernaum, where Jesus Christ lived. It was on the territory of this settlement that the son of God walked on the water and performed great miracles, including the resurrection of the dead and the healing of the sick. Here, in Capernaum, some of the apostles of Jesus Christ were engaged in fishing. Mary Magdalene also visited these places. In this city, you can visit the temple and monastery of the Twelve Apostles and visit the place where the Savior healed a man suffering from paralysis.

After that, you will find yourself at the source of the Jordan River, where people come to wash themselves with water, while remembering the Baptism of the Lord. In addition to the fact that this place is associated with the events described in the Bible, it is also very picturesque, and you can admire the local beauties.

The cost of this tour is $60 per person.

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