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Visit to the Vienna State Opera

While in Vienna, it is impossible not to visit the world-famous Vienna Opera - the largest Austrian theater, which is a kind of heart of musical culture. World celebrities perform here, connoisseurs of high art from all over the world come here. By the way, the hall of the Vienna Opera is recognized as one of the best in the world in terms of acoustics and design.

Everyone can go to the Vienna Opera, and you can do it both on your own and as part of a sightseeing bus tour.

If you want to visit the Vienna Opera on your own, then you will first need to get to the center of the Austrian capital, namely, to the historic city center, called the Old Ring. It is here that you will find the majestic building of the famous opera house. Performances here are usually held in the evenings, ticket offices are open from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays, and on weekends from 9 am to noon. Prices for performances can be different, but on average their cost is about 150-200 euros.

You can also visit the Vienna Opera on a hop-on hop-off bus tour. This means that during this tour you will be able to get off at different stops in the city and see the places that interest you, including the Vienna Opera. This tour also includes an audio guide service in different languages, including Romanian and Russian. You will be offered three different routes in Vienna, which are called "Red", "Yellow" and "Blue". Stops at the State Opera are provided on all three routes. The cost of this tour is from 35 euros per person.

As part of the tour of Vienna, you can get to a concert at the Vienna State Opera, where classical masterpieces of the great composers Mozart and Strauss will be performed. This is a special performance and a special atmosphere created by star performers dressed in luxurious costumes and wigs. To be more precise, these are 30 musicians from the Vienna Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras. They will play for you overtures, arias and duets from Mozart's most famous operas, as well as other works. The coda of the performance will be marked by the performance of Strauss' immortal works Radetzky March and The Blue Danube. A ticket for this performance at the Vienna Opera as part of an excursion will cost from 69 euros per person.

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