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Walk through the Gardens of Santa Clotilde in Lloret del Mar

While on vacation in the resort of Lloret del Mar, you can not only enjoy the sea, but also visit interesting, unique sights located in these parts. And one of these attractions that we would like to advise you to visit is the Gardens of Saint Clotilde.

This park is located in an area called Fenals - to be more precise, this attraction is located between the beaches of Fenals and Sa Boadella. Walking through the Gardens of Saint Clotilde, you can enjoy amazing views of the sea. By the way, this park is a national treasure of Catalonia.

On the territory of the park you can subtly feel what is called the unity of nature and man. And this will be facilitated by beautiful ponds and grottoes, fountains and sculptures located here.

The gardens of Saint Clotilde were created in 1919 by an architect named Nicolau Rubier y Touduri. When he worked on the creation of this park, he was inspired by the beautiful gardens of Florence. We can definitely say for sure that the Gardens of Saint Clotilde are made in the Renaissance style.

By the way, the idea of creating the park was a sad story. The young wife of the Marquis de Roviralt, whom he loved very much, died, and in memory of her he decided to build a beautiful garden, which would be the best in all of Catalonia. As conceived by the Marquis, the garden was supposed to be light and beautiful - the way his late wife was.

As a result, the Gardens of Saint Clotilde are spread over an area of 18 thousand square meters, on top of a steep slope. The total area together with the villa is 27 thousand square meters.

The park is open to visitors throughout the year, works seven days a week, but closes on some national holidays in Spain. From March to September, the Gardens of Saint Clotilde are open from 10.00 to 20.00, and from October to February - from 10.00 to 17.00.

To visit the Gardens of Saint Clotilde, you need to purchase an entrance ticket, which costs 5 euros. Disabled people, students, honeymooners and children can take advantage of a discount that allows them to purchase a ticket to the park at half price.

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