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Walking tour of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

Arriving in Bulgaria on vacation, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the capital of this wonderful country - a city called Sofia. By the way, Sofia is not only the main, but also the largest city in Bulgaria. It is located in the western part of the country, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges.

Sofia is an ageless city, although the city is over five thousand years old. It is of great interest to tourists who come here. We also invite you to take a fascinating walk around the Bulgarian capital, during which you will be able to get acquainted with many interesting and important sights of this city. Various historical sights have been preserved in Sofia to this day, including the Temple of Alexander Nevsky, the Banya Bashi Mosque, the Church of St. George, many museums and art galleries.

The climate in Sofia is pleasant and suitable for exploring the city. You can start your adventure in the main city of Bulgaria with a tour of the oldest building that has survived here - this is the Rotunda of St. George the Victorious. Then you can visit the Hagia Sophia, which differs from all the others in that it does not have a bell tower, there are no paintings on its walls, and its architecture is not remarkable in any way, but it is an important historical and cultural value of the entire Orthodox world.

It's time to go to the other side of the street, and you will find yourself in front of the Alexander Nevsky Temple. It stands out for its gilded domes, and inside you can see icons painted back in the Middle Ages. You should not pass by the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker. At first it was supposed to be a chapel at the Russian embassy, but soon it became a place where emigrants from Russia come.

Next to the Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker is the National Museum of Natural History, which is the first and largest museum of its kind in the Balkans. Within the walls of the museum, several hundred stuffed animals, more than a thousand species of birds, and several hundred thousand insects are exhibited as exhibits. In the museum you will also see many types of minerals that are mined on the territory of Bulgaria.

After the museum, you can visit the park called Tsarska Gradina, where the former royal palace is located, which today houses an ethnographic museum and an art gallery - here you will see paintings by more than three thousand artists.

Also, be sure to visit the Archaeological Museum as part of your walk around the capital of Bulgaria. This is a very interesting place, because it contains artifacts that are of great cultural and historical value. Do not forget in this context that Sofia is a city more ancient than Rome!

There are other attractions in Sofia as well – for example, the opportunity to practice water sports on local reservoirs and lakes. Mineral beaches are especially popular with tourists in Sofia - here you can swim in the thermal pool, the water in which is saturated with microelements beneficial to health. The most popular beach in this sense is Korali, which is located on the banks of the Pancharev reservoir.

Take a stroll through the shops in Sofia where you can buy interesting souvenirs. Many people buy and bring home Bulgarian wine or brandy from their trip.

You can order a tour to Bulgaria on our website, and managers will tell you how you can participate in a tour of Sofia. Have a nice holiday!