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Indonesia (Bali)

An island state on the border of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Indonesia is more than 13 thousand islands, where jungles and beautiful lagoons await tourists, beaches ideal for relaxation, ancient temples, museums with interesting exhibits, villages that will open up many new and unusual things for you.


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Indonesia (Bali) travel guide

Where to go?

Indonesia is a country of a huge number of islands, the most popular of which is, of course, Bali. At the same time, we should not forget that Indonesia is one of the most exotic countries on the planet. Bali has many beaches that are ideal for relaxation. If you like youth parties, we recommend that you pay attention to Kuta Beach. Surfers often come here too. One of the calmest beaches in Bali is Sanur - there is white sand, the water in the sea is clear, blue, there are practically no waves throughout the year. Wealthy tourists mostly choose a resort called Nusa Dua.


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