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Excursion to the Vienna Woods

Excursion to the Vienna Woods is one of the most exciting and fascinating. As part of this trip, you will have the opportunity to see the castle, which, by the way, can be seen in the film about the Musketeers, filmed by the Americans. Here, several legends about knights will be debunked, nursing homes in Austria and something about the Middle Ages will be told!

An excursion to the Vienna Woods also implies an acquaintance of travelers with how the miners of the Austro-Hungarian Empire once worked. This means you will descend into an old mine where gypsum was mined. You will be told how this mine became one of the most popular attractions throughout Austria and how a huge underground lake was formed here. What is very interesting is that as part of the tour you will be shown what the Third Reich did in this mine!

After visiting the mine, you will go to the Monastery of the Holy Cross. This place is remarkable in that while being here it seems that time does not exist here, or at least it has stopped. Here you will be pleased to spend time in a state of complete silence and tranquility.

At the end of the tour, you will be shown the sanatorium of the Roman Empire, which is called Baden. It was here, in this small town, that all the dignitaries of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy used to spend their time long ago. This is quite an interesting and pleasant place.

The cost of an excursion to the Vienna Woods is from 80 euros per person. You can learn about all the details of the trip from our managers.

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