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Traveling with Children: Expert Tips and Recommendations

Traveling with children is a real adventure! How to choose the perfect destination and ensure comfort for the whole family? In this article, we will reveal tested tips and expert recommendations. Ready for an exciting journey?

First Steps in a Big Trip: Tips for Parents of Toddlers

0-3kids 0-3kids

For children aged 0 to 3 years, I recommend paying attention to the resort of Turkey – the Anatolian coast. This region offers several advantages that will ensure a comfortable stay and guaranteed safety for young guests.

The first advantage – convenience and speed of transfer. The airports serving the Anatolian coast are relatively close to the resorts, which reduces travel time. For example, the journey to the resort of Kemer takes only 30 minutes, to the Lara region – 15 minutes, Belek – 30-40 minutes, Side – 1-1.5 hours, and the furthest region, Alanya, is 2-2.5 hours away by car. Thanks to such geographical location, you will avoid long and exhausting flights and can quickly start your vacation.
The second advantage – the presence of specialized hotels, which offer all the necessary services for the stay of little travelers. Many hotels are adapted for children and equipped with everything needed for their care. For instance, hotels provide HiPP jar food, strollers, potties, swimming diapers, children's chairs, blenders, sterilizers for bottles. In addition, there are special areas in the hotels for changing and breastfeeding, which ensures comfort and convenience for both children and parents.
The third advantage is the possibility of individual meal preparation. The restaurants in the hotels offer individual meal preparation for children who need special diets. Additionally, special corners for preparing baby food by adults are equipped with all the necessary equipment. This way, parents can be sure of the quality and safety of their children's food.
The fourth advantage is the presence of sandy beaches. For holidays with children, it is very important to choose hotels that are located near beaches with fine sand. Such beaches are safe for toddlers and allow them to enjoy playing and swimming safely and comfortably.

There are several wonderful hotels that are well prepared for children's stays. One of the best options is NG PHASELIS 5*, which offers a variety of services and entertainment for children of different ages. Another hotel that deserves attention is ELA EXCELLENCE RESORT BELEK 5*, known for its impeccable service and the presence of separate children's pools. RIXOS PREMIUM TEKIROVA 5* is a wonderful place for a family vacation, with a large area, water park, and even children's clubs.

Based on your preferences and budget, we at Admiral.Travel are happy to help you choose the perfect option for your family. You can view more hotels suitable for holidays with children here or simply talk to our managers by phone, in Telegram or any other social network.

Adventures for Little Explorers: Vacation with Children Aged 4-7 Years

0-3kids 4-7kids

Children aged 4 to 7 years are highly active and energetic, so the ideal choice is a place with wide sandy beaches and good infrastructure for games and entertainment. In such places, children can safely run and play, while parents can relax and rest.

One of the interesting and popular countries for vacationing with children is Turkey, especially its Anatolian coast. Here, hotels offer various water parks, amusement parks, mini-clubs with experienced educators and nannies. In addition, Turkey provides delicious children's food, considering their needs and preferences. This high-quality service will ensure a comfortable vacation for the whole family.
Another worthy option for vacationing with children is the island of Cyprus, especially its resorts Protaras and Ayia Napa. There are beautiful sandy beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea, which is especially convenient for children. In addition, the resorts of Cyprus have good infrastructure for entertainment and games, so the little ones definitely won't get bored. A great feature of Cypriot resorts is the possibility to book all-inclusive hotels, which saves time and money on organizing meals.
Another attractive option for a holiday with children is Bulgaria, especially the resort of Albena. It has a wide sandy beach, awarded a Blue Flag for environmental cleanliness. Of course, children's safety is an important factor when choosing a resort, and Bulgaria offers good infrastructure for children's clubs and entertainment programs. Most hotels in the resort of Albena offer all-inclusive services, allowing guests to enjoy a comfortable vacation without any hassle.

Besides facilities for children, it's worth noting that all these resorts are located in nature reserves, which guarantees clean air and natural beauty.

At the Sea with Schoolchildren: Active Beach Holiday with Children Aged 7-10

0-3kids 7-10kids
Spain is one of the best places for an unforgettable vacation with children. A holiday on the coast of Costa Brava and Costa Dorada is perfect for the whole family. Here you will find wide sandy beaches, as well as a variety of dishes and drinks in hotels and local restaurants. Your children will be particularly interested in visiting Europe's largest water park - Port Aventura.
Turkey remains a popular and obvious choice for holidays with children. As mentioned, the Anatolian coast offers plenty of opportunities, but at this age, the Aegean coast can also be considered. However, keep in mind that there are mainly pebble beaches here, so it's necessary to buy special footwear for children.
Egypt is also a great place for holidays with children, but it's important to choose the right hotel and time for the trip. The best time for holidays with children in Egypt is September, October, early November, the second half of March, April, and May. The hotel should be located in wind-protected bays and have sandy beaches. One example of such a hotel is Domina Coral Bay 5*, and you can view my video review of this hotel.

Of course, the choice of a hotel also depends on the region. For example, in Hurghada there are many sandy beaches, while in Sharm El Sheikh there are fewer, but more wind-protected bays.

If you are planning a holiday in Egypt with children, do not hesitate to contact us for help. We will assist you in choosing a suitable hotel based on your preferences and needs.

Unforgettable Moments: Trips with Children Aged 10-13

0-3kids 10-13kids

If you are looking for a place for a holiday with children aged 10 to 13, these years are some of the best in childhood. Ahead is the transition period into adolescence. Therefore, it is important for a child not only to study but also to find time to rest. This period of childhood should not be missed, so let's capture it in memory!

One of the best options for a trip with children at this age is to visit Paris and Disneyland. There is an atmosphere of fairy tales, and both children and adults will find a lot of exciting things here. With two grandiose theme parks created based on Walt Disney's scripts, this place is pure magic. You can also consider spending a weekend in Paris, and we will help you choose a hotel.
Another option for a trip with children of this age could be beach destinations. One of them is Halkidiki in Greece. You will find a clean sea and a secluded atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for a peaceful holiday with children.
Bulgaria, which offers budget-friendly vacations for large families, is worth considering. Children up to 14 years can stay for free, and we provide a full list of hotels where this is possible. Many hotels also allow two children to stay for free with two adults. Among such hotels are HOTEL SINEVA PARK 3* and SUNRISE ALL SUITES RESORT 4*. A more complete list can be requested from our managers.
Of course, a vacation with children is not complete without Turkey. Here, children will be offered sports games and entertainment throughout the day, and in the evening, they can visit children's discos, participate in animation programs, and enjoy shows.
If you prefer a more relaxed vacation, you might consider Crete, with convenient flights, affordable prices, and good restaurants. Finding hotels with sandy beaches is easy, and we can provide you with a complete list of such hotels upon request.

We hope our recommendations will help you choose a place to vacation with children aged 10-13 years. Don't miss the opportunity for an unforgettable vacation and capture this important period of childhood in memory. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our managers. We are happy to help you organize your vacation.

Teenagers on the Move: Secrets of a Successful Journey

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The age of 14 to 17 years is a period of adolescence, where personalities are formed. Of course, all parents wish for their child to grow up intellectually developed, successful, and to receive a quality education. However, at this age, children also crave entertainment and games.

How to find a happy medium?

Consider informational and entertainment tours and city-break tours. Visiting European cities is an excellent choice. Traveling through Europe will help compare cities, decide where they would like to study and live in the future. Consider a weekend flight to Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, Berlin, Milan, Rome, Venice, London, and other cities of the old continent. Visit local attractions, amusement parks, get acquainted with local cuisine and culture.

How to make the trip both interesting and beneficial?

Organizing informational and entertainment tours allows combining an educational program with amazing experiences. Moreover, such trips contribute to the development of independence and self-reliance in teenagers. Travels are an excellent opportunity to broaden horizons, develop language skills, and familiarize with the history, culture, and architecture of other countries.

Visiting European cities allows young people to compare different cultures and traditions, discover similarities and differences. They will have the opportunity to get acquainted with historical monuments, museums, galleries, and other attractions in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and other European countries.

Life and education in another country can be very interesting prospects for teenagers. They will learn more about its culture, education system, and interact with local students. This will help them understand what opportunities each country offers. Additionally, such trips provide teenagers with a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the culture and history of different peoples. Visiting local museums, architectural monuments, walks along historic streets – all this can energize and inspire them for new achievements.

Besides the educational component, tours also offer a wide range of entertainment. Young people can visit various amusement parks and attractions and enjoy fun times. Teenagers are always interested in trying new food and getting to know the local cuisine of each city visited during the trip.

A weekend flight to Europe will allow children to spend time usefully and have fun. They will have the opportunity to expand their horizons, acquire new knowledge, make new friends, and create memories for a lifetime. Such a journey will be a real adventure that will energize them and inspire future accomplishments.

Be assured that by organizing a trip with us, your child will not only be in good company but will also gain unforgettable experiences, enrich their knowledge and skills, and find answers to many of their questions about the world and their future. After all, travels always open new horizons and help become more confident and goal-oriented.

Trust Admiral.Travel with your family's vacation, and we will provide you with unforgettable support and preparation for an exciting journey!

And here's my detailed video on how and where to relax with children:

Ivan Garbuz
CEO, expert and leader of the travel blog

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