Holidays in Mykonos with departure from Bucharest

Total from 660 € per person!

Holidays on the island of Mykonos are the dream of many travelers, because this place is famous for its luxury, vibrant nightlife, warm emerald sea and picturesque landscapes. Moreover, during your holiday in Mykonos, you have every chance to meet here famous people from all over the world who often visit this Greek island.

Mykonos is located in the Aegean Sea, famous for its clean beaches and blue water, good hotels, a lot of interesting sights, the Aegean Museum, churches and, of course, the famous windmills, one of which, by the way, has a real hotel.

Tourists with different requirements and preferences travel to Mykonos from Bucharest, and here they find what they need. The island has beaches and activities for all tastes, including the presence of nude beaches. Also, many people come to Mykonos for holidays with children, for whom all conditions are created here.

If you are interested in such a destination as the Greek island of Mykonos, you can find out the prices for holidays here from our managers!

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Nr. nights 7
Check in 13.06.2023
Check out 20.06.2023
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Departure there 13.06.2023
Departure back 20.06.2023
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