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The holiday in Turkey All Inclusive 2024 from Bucharest

Take advantage of great offers for All Inclusive holidays in Turkey in 2024, departing from Bucharest.
From 212 € per person

Regular and charter flights Bucharest-Turkey are carried out to the cities of Antalya, Bodrum, Istanbul, Ankara, Dalaman and others.

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Turkish resorts attract tourists not only with luxurious beaches, warm seas and amazing landscapes. The human factor is added to the natural factor - the All Inclusive (AI) system, in which the vacationer does not think at all about food, sun loungers, drinks and activities and entertainment.
Standard AI in Turkey includes:
- full board with buffet;
- alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks during the day and in the evening;
- free towels, sun loungers and umbrellas on the beaches and pools;
- animation;
- visits to SPA, saunas and other bathing activities (in those hotels where they are);
- water attractions;
- use of sports grounds, equipment and tables for table tennis, billiards in some hotels;
In addition to AI, there are Ultra All Inclusive, Premium All Inclusive, Light All Inclusive, A-la Card All Inclusive packages. Since there are no uniform standards in the world or in Turkey, each hotel sets them for itself. And in some, even Ultra may not provide free natural coffee, only instant coffee.
In Turkey, in the same hotel, AI and Ultra All Inclusive modes can differ not only in the ability to take imported alcoholic drinks for free in bars, but also in other parameters. For example, a full board buffet and drinks against the ability to eat in A-la Card restaurants.
In different hotels, the content of AI and Ultra All Inclusive can be very different: the presence or absence of a water park, a golf course, a bowling alley, and much more.
Therefore, All Inclusive vacation packages in Turkey can vary greatly in price.
Consult with our polite managers, and they will definitely select the option of rest that suits you.

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